Eden Espinosa

Date Of Birth:
February 02, 1978 (40)
Birth Place:
Anaheim, California, USA

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Date of Birth: February 02, 1978 (40)
Birth Place: Anaheim, California, USA
Gender: Female


Eden Espinosa, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Marcus Paul James attend ''Parlor Night'' A benefit evening for The Broadway Inspirational Voices Outreach Program at the home of Roy and Jenny Neiderhoffer on June 22, 2015 in New York City.

Exclusive Photos: PARLOR NIGHT Debuts in Manhattan with Michael McElroy, The Broadway Inspirational Voices and Plenty of Broadway Royalty!
The Broadway Community worships at the altar of Michael McElroy and, pretty soon, so will the world. The Broadway veteran, with many shows under his belt, founded the Broadway Inspirational Voices in 1994 and, last night, photographer and friend Walter McBride and I were invited to a private home, where an awe-inspiring event transpired. We witnessed the birth of PARLOR NIGHT, something that ladies Di Ana Pisarri and Schele Williams had dreamed of for some time.

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