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Who Played Performer in Forbidden Broadway SVU: Special Victims Unit

Craig LaurieOff-Broadway2004
David CaldwellOff-Broadway2004
Gina KreiezmarOff-Broadway2004
Jason MillsOff-Broadway2004
Jason MillsOff-Broadway2004
Jennifer SimardOff-Broadway2004
Megan Elizabeth LewisOff-Broadway2004
Megan LewisOff-Broadway2004
Ron BohmerOff-Broadway2004
William SelbyOff-Broadway2004
Donna EnglishOff-Broadway2006
Donna EnglishSan Diego, CA (Regional)2006
Jared BradshawSan Diego, CA (Regional)2006
Jared BradshawOff-Broadway2006
Jeanne MontanoOff-Broadway2006
Jeanne MontanoSan Diego, CA (Regional)2006
Jerry ChristakosSan Diego, CA (Regional)2006
Michael WestOff-Broadway2006