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Who Played Julian Marsh in 42nd Street

Barry NelsonBroadway1980
Don ChastainBroadway1980
James CongdonBroadway1980
Jamie RossBroadway1980
Jamie RossBroadway1980
Jerry OrbachBroadway1980
Michael DantuonoBroadway1980
Steve ElmoreBroadway1980
Barry NelsonUS Tour1983
Bob SessionsWest End1984
Frankie VaughnWest End1984
James LaurensonWest End1984
Jon CypherUS Tour1984
Jerry TellierBroadway2001
Michael CumpstyBroadway2001
Michael DantuonoBroadway2001
Patrick CassidyBroadway2001
Patrick Ryan SullivanBroadway2001
Richard MuenzBroadway2001
Tom WopatBroadway2001
Patrick Ryan SullivanUS Tour2002
John SchneiderPittsburgh, PA (Regional)2006
Tom WopatPittsburgh, PA (Regional)2006
Matthew TaylorUS Tour2015
Tom ListerWest End2017
Norm LewisChicago2020