Daniel J. Watts Biography

Gender: Male

@DWattsWords - 3/15/18 12:25am I don't know that I would have had the courage to walk out when I was in high school! Proud of the kids! We got you… https://

@DWattsWords - 3/9/18 06:39pm 10 years ago today #InTheHeights opened on Broadway. I was across 46th St at #TheLittleMermaid… https://

Gender: Male

Broadway: Motown the Musical, Ghost (Original Company), In the Heights, Memphis (Original Company), Disney's The Little Mermaid (Original Company), The Color Purple. TV/Film: “Smash,” Something Whispered, The Jones/Havemeyer Wedding. To see Daniel's original work go to www.wattswords.com. "Ma'am!"