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Native American Play Festival featuring

5/8/2014 - 5/18/2014
Civic Center Music Hall - CitySpace
201 North Walker Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK OK 73102
Phone: 405.297.2264

Native American Play Festival featuring in Oklahoma

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A one-of-a-kind cultural event in the region, the ever-evolving Native American Play Festival will be produced for a fifth time by OKC Theatre Company. Each year the Festival reflects our Oklahoma pride and desire to highlight the rich tradition of storytelling in the Native American culture by celebrating it through the art of theatre. The Festival will feature Manahatta by Kathryn Nagle, staged readings of 2014 finalists, cultural events, food, Native singers, and panel discussions with playwrights. In previous years, OKC Theatre Company has proudly welcomed Festival participants from over 25 various tribal nations.

Manahatta follows the story of a modern day Lenape woman who returns to her ancestral land to work on Wall Street. Once there, she must reconcile all that her people have lost with what she now attempts to gain. Manahatta simultaneously tells the story of the Lenape Indians who lived on the island on Manahatta in the 1600's, when Peter Minuit and the Dutch claim to have purchased the island for $24, and explores how the concepts of indigenous identity, ownership, and the entire system of American capitalism have made us who we are today.

Ages: Manahatta is recommended for adults and children 14+ due to adult language.

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