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HUP! at The Humanist Project


11/22/2019 - 12/14/2019


The Humanist Project

312 West 36th Street First Floor New York, New York 10018
New York,

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HUP! in Off-Off-Broadway

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A new, devised comedy by The Humanist Project which combines Quantum Physics, Russian Fairy Tales, people doing people things, and lots of laughs. A little on the show:Its just another day for public access television science show host, Professor S. Pants (played by Andrew Borthwick-Leslie). He is attempting The Schrdingers Cat Experiment ON AN ACTUAL CAT! With a little help from his trusty assistants, Dean (Zach Libresco), Francis (Michael F. Toomey), and Pina Potter (Josephine Wilson), the show goes off the rails transporting our heroes into the television program in the following time slot: Depressing Russian Fairy Tales.
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