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That Night at Gatsby's at Seize the Show


2/25/2021 - 2/27/2021


Seize the Show

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Thursday 2/25 at 7pm, Friday 2/26 at 7pm, Saturday 2/27 at 7pm & pm, Thursday 3/4 at 7pm, Friday 2/5 at 7pm, Saturday 3/6 at 7pm & 9pm (All times are Eastern)

Seize the Show invites you to pop the champagne, dress to impress, and RSVP for the party of the century. Roll up to the glamorous Gatsby mansion and prepare to meet legendary characters from the iconic story live and in person. Flirt with Tom and Daisy Buchanan, gossip with George and Myrtle Wilson, raise a glass with Jordan Baker and seek out the mysterious Gatsby himself. But be careful - each interaction you have will change the course of the evening, as everyone has secrets to hide, and before the night is over, divine decadence will turn into high-stakes drama. With many twists and possible endings, no two parties will be the same, so get ready for an unforgettable night as you uncover what really happened That Night at Gatsby's.

Tickets for all performances can be purchased HERE. General Admission tickets are $12.99 for all performances. An All Access Pass is also available for $16.99, which will give you access to a week of performances of That Night at Gatsby's, plus an exclusive talkback with the cast. On sale and ticketing information for the rest of the Live Premiere experiences will be announced soon.

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