My American idiot review

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My American idiot review#1
Posted: 11/14/12 at 1:58pm
American idiot

For those that don't know, American Idiot the musical spans from Greenday's album of the same name. Which co-incidentally is one of my favourite albums of the last decade. When i heard they were turning this into a musical I became excited. When I heard it was coming to the uk I became even more excited!

As much as I would have loved a UK cast (merely for selfish reasons so i could have tried to be cast in it) I think it is all the better for having the US cast bought over - it was a more slick operation and they didn't look panicked or under-rehearsed once.

Onto the show, and I can honestly say it is one of the best nights in a theatre I have ever spent. And i've seen a lot of shows.

The cast were fantastic, on top form and extremely energetic. The quality of acting spoke for itself. Every movement and every gesture came from complete truth and every member of that cast were completely committed to every role they played. A masterclass in its own right.

The choreography completely backed up the direction and the story was very strong, add to that amazing theatricality in green day's music and you have a great show! Thank god we still have some great shows in this day and age and people are still capable of writing great contemporary musical theatre!

Onto the set which was fantastically simple yet powerful. Computer screens made up a large part of it with various message flashing on them throughout the screen backing up the action and the cast used it to its full potential. Kenwright take note you could learn a thing or two from it!

There was only one flaw for me - the sound quality. It sounded like a bad rock concert at times, and I think they need to get a sound engineer in who can make the mix more theatre friendly. Thankfully I was sat on the 3rd row so could still hear the natural voices as well as the amplification and once you got used to it, it was fine.

It annoys me immensely that something of this quality was so empty - the theatre was less than a third full! But hey that's the typical British public for you - they don't know what they've had until it's gone!

My rating - 4.5/5 (losing half a point because of the sound)

I urge you to beg, borrow or steal a ticket if its touring near you, you won't be disappointed!
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My American idiot review#2
Posted: 11/14/12 at 2:39pm
It must be hard to get sound balance right on tour, as you have no rehearsals or previews to get it right, you are straight in the theatre play several shows and out. I guess a tour has there own sound engineer to get it right, I thought it would be better if each theatre has its own sound engineer.

Do they still winch a television in a shopping trolley up to the theatre fly area?

Glad you enjoyed it.
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My American idiot review#2
Posted: 11/14/12 at 3:20pm
"Do they still winch a television in a shopping trolley up to the theatre fly area?"

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My American idiot review#3
Posted: 11/14/12 at 9:12pm
I disagree that the story is very strong. The first time I saw the show, I didn't realize how much of it I actually missed until I read the synopsis after. I would describe the story as vague, and that's coming from a huge fan of the show, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping to see the tour cast in May.
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My American idiot review#4
Posted: 11/15/12 at 7:54pm
Jaw dropping, utter perfection, my review will be up on Broadway World tomorrow
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