Photo Coverage: NYMF Awards Gala

NYMF honored the award-winning shows and artists, along with three young Broadway producers - Robert Ahrens (Xanadu), Pun Bandhu (Spring Awakening) and Jennifer Maloney (Spring Awakening, Legally Blonde) - at its November 4 Awards Gala at the Hudson Theatre (145 West 44th Street).

For a complete list of NYMF 2007 Award Winners: Click Here

The New York Musical Theatre Festival is the enormously popular three-week celebration that features the works of the newest generation of musical theatre writers.  One of the fastest growing theatre festivals in the country today, the New York Musical Theatre Festival has, in three short years, presented a total of 99 new musicals, many of which have gone on to subsequent productions at Off-Broadway and regional theatres around the country. For more information visit

Photos by Linda Lenzi

Kris Stewart (NYMF Founder & Executive Director) and Kate Shindle (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence - Outstanding Individual Permance Symphathy Jones)

Kate Shindle

Liz Larsen (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence - Outstanding Individual Performance Such Good Friends)

Liz Larsen and Kate Shindle

Director Marc Bruni (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence in Direction Such Good Friends), Liz Larsen and Lyricist Noel Katz (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence in Lyrics Such Good Friends)

NYMF Honoree Producer Pun Bandhu

Isaac Robert Hurwitz (NYMF Executive Producer) and Pun Bandhu

David A. Austin and Honoree Producer Jennifer Maloney

NYMF The Boy in the Bathroom; Book WriterMichael Lluberes (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence in Book) with cast and creative team

Lyricist and Composer Charles Gilbert (NYMF Gemini, The Musical)

Shonn Wiley (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence - Outstanding Individual Permance Mud Donahue and Son)

NYMF Honoree Producer Robert Ahrens

Pun Bandhu and Producing Partner Marc Falato

Producer Tara Smith, Producer Brian Swibel, Robert Ahrens and Pete Sanders

Helen Ahrens, Robert Ahrens, Brian Swibel and Tara Smith

B.D. Wong (NYMF 2007 Excellence in Direction Honorable Mention The Yellow Wood Director)

Stephanie CarlsonRobert Ahrens and Helen Ahrens

Robert Aherns, Douglas Carter Beane, Tara Smith and Brian Swibel

Producer Tamara Tunie and Pun Bandhu

Tamara Tunie

Manoel Felciano (Atlantic Theatre's Trumpery, Sweeney Todd)

Kris Stewart and Playwright Marissa Kamin (Fabulous Life of a Size Zero)

Shane Marshall Brown (Springer Associates PR) and Marissa Kamin

NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence - Outstanding Ensemble Performance Unlock'd along with Verizon "Best of the Fest" Audience Prize; Sarah Jane Everman, Sam Carner (Book and Lyrics), Derek Gregor (Music) and Chris Gunn

NYMF The Boy in the Bathroom; Michael Zahler and Ana Nogueira

Kris Stewart, Ana Noguieria and Michael Zahler

Casey Bozeman (Principal Investor NYMF The Yellow Wood) and B.D. Wong

Isaac Robert Hurwitz, B.D. Wong and Kris Stewart

Book Writer and Co-Lyricist Michelle Elliott (NYMF The Yellow Wood, B.D. Wong, Composer and Co-Lyricist Danny Larsen (NYMF 2007 Award for Excellence in Music The Yellow Wood) and Composer Jared Dembowski (Sherlock Holmes; The Early Years)

Michelle Elliott, B.D. Wong, Danny Larsen

Jon Kimbell and Joe DiPietro

Jon Kimbell, Manoel Felciano and Joe DiPietro

Producer Felicia Lopes (upcoming "Angels"and Robert R. Blume

Ray Melillo (Upcoming Angels team), Felicia Lopes, Robert R. Blume, Jamie deRoy and Steven Ernst

Mary Testa and Jackie Hoffman

Mary Testa, Liz Larsen and Jackie Hoffman

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