ROOM 101 - Cinema Star Productions Non Equity Auditions

Posted: March 13, 2012
Audition Location: Bay City, MI

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This opportunity is NOTan announcement for the Bay City Players

It is an outside request to our audition list.

If interested, please contact Rod Merten at 989-293-8854.

If you have received this more than once, you may be on more than one mailing list.


Rod Merten is scheduling auditions for their upcoming projects, in particular, "Room 101".  Please read information below and contact Rod Merten at 989-293-8854 if interested.  Thank you.


ROOM 101, A Dramatic TV Pilot


Auditions are set for March 15th, 4-8 pm and March 17th, 2-4 pm at our offices at 510 3rd Street (above Gypsies), Bay City. Shooting will be primarily in Bay City and take just two to three weekends. Shooting will commence in April and be done by mid-May. Pay is deferred at a rate of $100 per day for primary talent. Please check our website ( and FB page for up-to-date info.



            The Everyday Inn has 18 rooms, of which ROOM 101 ends up being pivotal. The motel was built in 1940 by Moe's parents. He and his late wife, Mitzi, bought it from his parents after Moe graduated from college in 1971, the same year Moe and Mitzi married. The Everyday Inn is located just north of downtown Corinth, a small town, about the size of Vassar.  Its major industry is auto related specializing in bumpers and hitches for trucks and SUV's. It basically has one of everything and four restaurants including the Sports Bar that hosts karaoke contests


Cast and Biographies: Main Characters of Episode 1: Bedroom Justice


MOE is the 59 year-old owner of the Everyday Inn located in CorinthMI.  He was married for thirty years to his late wife, Mitzi. She died a few years ago from a long lingering bout with cancer. They have two children, Sandy and Ron. Both are grown, married and have children.


LARRY is a twenty-something female who moved to Corinth last year. She took over the maintenance duties from Moe. She has a history which will be explored throughout the year. Her father wanted a son, but his first-born is Larissa. There were complications which left Larry's mother incapable of having more children. Larry's father was a carpenter who taught her a lot of skills. Growing up, she was a tomboy. Larry enjoys using her skills and tomboyishness to separate herself from her co-workers, yet she wants to be friends. Larry had a bad experience with a man which has made her reluctant to develop romantic relationships with men Her sexuality is best described as “ambiguous”, which in Corinth means gay.


STARLET is a frustrated singer/songwriter who dreamt of a bright career in New York or Hollywoodand ended up cleaning rooms at the Everyday Inn. Her husband, Clarence, is a good provider but Starlet was getting bored staying at home. With no children, she needed an outlet. She has worked for Moe for over a decade. She is the senior person among the women and sometimes, well most of the time, dons her “queen bee” persona. Ultimately, she is good-hearted.


MARTINIQUE is a youngish, unmarried mother of two sons, Eric who is 6 and John who is 8. She moved to Corinth after her boyfriends left her a few years ago. Her sons were sired by two brothers, so Eric and John are brothers and cousins. She got by on welfare until her sons entered school, then she started working at the Everyday Inn. Her schedule and that of her sons closely match.


COACH of the Bridgton Barracudas Girls Softball Team. Coach is arrogant and a chauvinist. He is caught in bed with his daughter, Lucy. He commits suicide in the spring.


LUCY is the daughter of Coach. She is 13 years old. She returns to Corinth in the spring after her father's death. She's blamed by her mother and sister for all the pain and shame visited upon the family.


MARIE and CLARISSA are the Team Captains who were raped by the Coach and who administer the Bedroom Justice.


Extras: 16 teen-aged girls representing the Bridgton Barracudas.

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