GENERAL AUDITIONS 2012 SEASON - New Village Arts Theatre Non Equity Auditions

Posted: March 17, 2012
Audition Location: Carlsbad, CA

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New Village Arts Theatre’s GENERAL AUDITIONS


Sunday, April 1 and Monday, April 2 from 6-10 PM each night at New Village Arts Theatre: 2787 State StreetCarlsbadCA 92008.


For an appointment, please email to request a time.  Include any conflicts you have April 1 or 2 between 6 and 10 PM.


To Prepare:

Bring two copies of your headshot and resume to the audition.

You may present all of the below or one or two of them, depending on which shows you are interested in being considered for:

One-two minute contemporary monologue;

One minute Shakespeare monologue;

16 bars of a song from the musical theatre canon (please bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided).




MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (3 roles pre-cast, including Claudio)

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Kristianne Kurner

Casting: seven roles, adult men and women of various ages and ethnicities.


NEXT TO NORMAL (all roles except Diana)

By Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey

Directed by Manny Fernandes

Casting: 1 woman, 4 men:

Gabe (18) (ROCK TENOR to B) - Diana's dashing, gentle, and bright son.

Dan (30s-40s) (High Baritone/Tenor to A) - Diana's handsome, genuine, husband.

Natalie (16) (Alto with belt/mix to E) - Diana's daughter who is always trying to be perfect.

Henry (17) (High Baritone/Tenor to A) - Natalie's musician boyfriend, romantic but a stoner and slacker.

Dr. Madden (High Baritone/Tenor to A) - On the young side of ageless.


WAIT UNTIL DARK (all roles except Roat)

By Frederick Knott

Directed by Dana Case

Casting: 2 women, 4-6 men:

MIKE TALMAN: 30s-40s.

SGT. CARLINO: 30s-60s.

SUSY HENDRIX: 20s-30s.  Blind.
SAM HENDRIX: Susy’s husband. 20s-30s.

GLORIA: 9 year old girl.  Precocious. 
POLICEMEN: 2 officers, various ages.


FOREVER PLAID (one role TBD is cast)

By Stuart Ross

Directed by Jason Heil

Casting: 3 men that can sing and dance, various vocal types.


THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL (all roles except Carrie Watts)

By Horton Foote

Directed by Kristianne Kurner

Please note: The Watts family will be played by an African American cast

Casting: 2 women, 3-5 men

LUDIE WATTS: African American man, early 40s.  Carrie’s son.  He’s had a difficult life.

JESSIE MAE WATTS: African American woman, early 40s.  Ludie’s wife.  Hard, driven, nervous and hysterical.  
THELMA: A pretty young woman, any ethnicity.
TICKET MEN AND TRAVELERS: Various ages and ethnicities.


ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (all roles except Nurse Ratched)

By Dale Wasserman, based on the novel by Ken Kesey

Directed by Claudio Raygoza

Casting: 3 women, 12 men

Randle P. McMurphy:  male 30s – 40s, a devilish grin and a face battered and scarred, a wide-open extroverted air, in the hospital to avoid prison.

Chief Bromden: a huge Native American who stands six and a half feet but when people are about carries himself like a small man.

Aide Warren: male 20s – 30s.

Aide Williams: male 20s – 30s.

Nurse Flinn: a vapid girl with apprehensive eyes.

Dale Harding: late 30s man, handsome, effete, a patient.

Billy Bibbit: in age, almost thirty, but appears more like a boy, a patient.

Scanlon: a man in his 50s, nearly bald, a patient.

Cheswick: short, chubby, crew-cut, truculent, a patient.

Martini: a little Italian man, eager and bright-eyed, a patient.

Ruckly: a once-powerful body now undirected by intelligence, blank-faced and empty-eyed, a patient.

Dr. Spivey: a resident psychiatrist, a pipe-smoking, glasses-fumbling, harassed fellow of no great force. 

Aide Turkle: works the night shift.

Candy Starr: a “dish”, female 20s – 30s.

Sandra: a bigger, earthy woman, 30s – 40s.


SEASCAPE (all roles except Nancy & Leslie)

By Edward Albee

Directed by Amanda Sitton

Casting: 1 woman, 1 man

Charlie: male, retirement age, wants to relax and enjoy his retirement.

Sarah: female, a lizard (need to be comfortable with movement).


Kristianne Kurner
Executive Artistic Director
New Village Arts
2787 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(760) 433-3245 office
(760) 213-6860 cell


Coming Soon To New Village Arts:



"I was gonna run last night.  I was gonna run and keep right on running.  I drove all night.  Clear to the Iowa border."


Written by Sam Shepard
Directed by Lisa Berger
Featuring Adam Brick, Dana Case, John DeCarlo, Manny Fernandes, Kelly Iversen, Jack Missett and Samuel Sherman
Previews March 28-30 at 8 PM
Runs March 31 - April 22


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