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Welcome to The Death Cafe at BATS Theatre


12/20/2019 - 12/23/2019


BATS Theatre

1 Kent Terrace
Phone: 04 802 4176

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Here’s a play that talks about death and dying, as characters grapple with the pros and cons of euthanasia and the issues raised by the Euthanasia Bill.

Who wants to talk about death and the process of dying? Lots of people actually. Jan Bolwell’s new play ‘Welcome to the Death Cafe’ is set in Masterton at a death cafe meeting. Strangers gather to to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death, in this case euthanasia. (It is the topic du jour as the Euthanasia Bill makes its way this year through the New Zealand parliament).

As the play unfolds we meet people who have been traumatised by family deaths, or who hold strong religious views about euthanasia, or have come to the death cafe meeting with their own very personal agendas. Throw in some song and dance as one of the characters tries to write a musical about death, and you have an hour of entertaining, thought provoking and very topical theatre.

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