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Another Mammal at Circa Theatre


8/22/2020 - 9/19/2020


Circa Theatre

1 Taranaki St
Wellington, 6011

Tickets Info

$25 – $52
Phone: 04 801 7992

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In this brand-new play by acclaimed New Zealand playwright Jo Randerson, two characters attempt to mend their relationship. One of them has a gun. In this time of social disconnect, when questions of immigration and assimilation are constantly debated both here and overseas, Another Mammal pokes angrily (but with great humour) at nationalism and violence as a default problem-solver.

Can we as humans find ways to live together which allow us autonomy, dignity, and a humane sharing of power?

Another Mammal is quintessentially Randerson: dryly ironic while being completely authentic and truthful.

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