BWW Reviews: BLAME IT ON BIANCA Reminds Us to Laugh and Hate

BWW Reviews: BLAME IT ON BIANCA Reminds Us to Laugh and Hate

The boss bitch is back, and she's mad. Her therapist has been putting in overtime, much to her audiences' disbelief, and the advice she's been given is the central point of Bianca Del Rio's new routine - everybody is going to die. Your ex? They're going to die. The annoying man in the front row who won't be quiet? They're going to die. Bianca Del Rio's razor wit and delivery? Blame It On Bianca shows us that, well, perhaps the queen will one day die, but her humor is certainly timeless.

Del Rio begins her show like any of her others - with a very crucial reminder: "I am a dirty, nasty, hateful bitch." That may be why we love her, but her humor is so x-rated, Drag Race fans may be taken aback. Yes, Bianca Del Rio is funny, yes, she is the antithesis of PC, yes, she will insult everybody in attendance. But she's an "equal opportunity hater." She hates everybody in the room, and is quick to prove it. In her Tampa show, there was at least five minutes dedicated to a particular heckler and his boyfriend in the front row. Any heckler will be addressed succinctly, searingly, and sweetly - any Bianca Del Rio show is certain to be an unforgettable night of gasps and guffaws.

This year's routine is more fluid than Not Today Satan's streamlined discussion topics, allowing Bianca to discuss the developing RuPaul controversy, All Stars 3, and still keep it well within the boundaries of her narrative. The therapist's advice of mortality is a baseline she uses well, although is seems to dwindle in use by the closing third. By the end of the night, Bianca opens her show to audience Q&A (attendees of Not Today Satan should remember this dearly). While some fans ask personal questions, some try to upstage the veteran clown with their sick humor, and it's here that Bianca Del Rio is most at home. House lights rise, she spends a microsecond sizing up her competition, and her rolodex of hate is left spinning as she fires round after round into each questioner.

As the dust settles, a night of Blame It On Bianca leaves you with drying tears, a throat sore from laughter, and a truly unforgettable shake up of comedy. She will dish on her upcoming book (also titled Blame It On Bianca), there will be adequate shade at her fellow drag stars (though markedly less than Not Today Satan, a decisive break from leaning on exclusively drag), and she will absolutely decimate some poor souls. Only Bianca could blend a night of Anne Frank jokes, Latrice Royale impersonations, and personal roasts, and have it remain cohesive.

The clown is on the loose - it's your decision whether you enjoy the show or just run for your life. This bitch is fast, so I'll continue to remain in attendance of this comedy madness, because it continues to be an amazing show. Blame It On Bianca, the third in what I hope to be a long line of Bianca Del Rio's stand up tours, shows us a queen who has grown astronomically since her time as a reality TV winner. The clown realness is coming soon to a theater near you, and you'd be an idiot not to be there.

BWW Reviews: BLAME IT ON BIANCA Reminds Us to Laugh and Hate

Blame It On Bianca tour dates and tickets can be found online, though some cities may have limited seats.

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