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Voice Legend June Foray passes away at 99

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Voice Legend June Foray passes away at 99#1
Posted: 7/28/17 at 4:17am

Sad News :

She was such an incredible talent and such a humble person. I will cherish my memories of meeting her, the things she signed for me and her letters she has written to me. I have been watching alot of her work today in memory! My favorite- Magica De Spell on 'Ducktales'

I think Chuck Jones said it best : "June Foray is not the female Mel Blanc, Mel Blanc was the male June Foray."

Darreyl with an L!
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Voice Legend June Foray passes away at 99#2
Posted: 7/28/17 at 3:18pm

Voice Legend June Foray passes away at 99Ghood Bye Dahlink broken heartkiss

Words that confuse censors:Fecund,penal,taint, titmouse, cockatoo,coccyx, ballcock, cockeye, prickly,kumquat, titter,cunning linguist, insertion, gobble, guzzle, swallow, manhole, rimshot,ramrod,come, fallacious, lugubrious,rectify,Uranus, angina, paradiddle,spotted dick,dictum, frock,cunctation, engorge,turgid,stiff, bush, uvula, crapulence, masticate, Dick Butkus, gherkin and of course the always bewildering lickety split. As you can see, context is every thing. Chuck Lorre Addendum: 555 382 5968 "Sexarama, Hexarama, Queeriosis, Feariosis!" Alec Baldwin Im going to have to science the shit outta this. The Martian
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Mrs Mangel
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Voice Legend June Foray passes away at 99#3
Posted: 7/29/17 at 2:54pm

I discovered her talent as a child with some 2nd Hand Stan Freberg records  Absolutely brilliant, especially with "old lady" voices-June Foray, Stan Freberg