Theatre Pro Rata New Season To Include Cat's Paw & More


Beginning September 2011, Theatre Pro Rata will premiere its 10th season of engaging, provocative theater. Pro Rata, the company that has provided Twin Cities audiences with such wide-ranging programming as The Taming of the Shrew (2010), Slag Heap (2006), and Traveling Light (2009), is proud to feature a season of enticing contemporary plays. From a cat-and-mouse thriller to a cabaret of presidential history, this season has something for everyone.

Cat's Paw
By William Mastrosimone, directed by Carin Bratlie
September 10-25, 2011
"In a bunker somewhere under Washington D.C., a bomb is being constructed. A hostage is bound. A reporter is ushered in. Martyrs will be made by force and lives will be advanced by obsession. In the great stand-off between terrorism and media, between motive and message, between sincerity and manipulation... one man has a master plan. And that man will win."

T Bone N Weasel
By Jon Klein, directed by Amber Bjork
March 3-18, 2012
"Sometimes intolerance just so rampant, it can make a man plain give up... ‘specially if his only friend is an ignorant fool. But what can you do? Ex-cons gotta stick together, and the back roads of South Carolina ain't no place to expect a handout. Easy enough to steal, as long as you got your wits about you and you ain't easily profiled. Sometimes there's no choice between right and easy... sometimes there's only one road to go. Which is why these two be doomed to fail afore redemption comes."

44 Plays for 44 Presidents
by Andy Bayiates, Sean Benjamin, Genevra Gallo-Bayiates, et al., directed by Carin Bratlie
June 29-July 14, 2012

"What a piece of work is a President? 44 Plays For 44 Presidents is a chronological, biographical survey of the lives and presidencies of each of the 44 men who have held the office so far. Their mistakes and successes are celebrated by a company of actors who take turns donning a star-spangled coat that symbolizes the presidency and moving through comedic and tragic scenes, a Borscht Belt-style roast, dance numbers, and mini-musicals. Audience members consider their role in shaping the history they've just witnessed, as they are left to ponder where the presidency has gone since its fall from paradise...and where it will go next. It's a love song to every Mad Tom, Tricky Dick, and William Henry Harry-who."

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