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The World Beyond The Door

5/22/2014 - 5/23/2014
MIlwaukee Youth Theatre
820 E. Knapp Street
Milwaukee, WI WI 53202
Phone: 414-390-3900

The World Beyond The Door in Milwaukee, WI

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This original play features six folktales
from around the world: Africa, Sweden,
Iran, China, Guatemala and a Native
American Folktale. A group of young
people find themselves together at a local
park where a door mysteriously appears.
The door leads to a world of stories and
that world is in jeopardy for the young
people's world is quickly forgetting the
stories that keep "The World Beyond the
Door" alive. It is up to the children to learn
the stories and share them with their world
before it is too late.
This is a large ensemble cast and will
include music, puppetry and creative
The production will include a writer's
workshop where staff and students will
collaborate to put the finishing touches on
the script.

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