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Diabolution 0.1 at Damansara Performing Arts Center


10/26/2019 - 10/27/2019


Damansara Performing Arts Center

H-01, Empire Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
Phone: (+6) 03-4065 0001

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Produced by DiAbolution Production's founder and artistic director, Ryn Mah, we will be having 3 Malaysia's first local diabolo theatre production ‘DiAbolution 0.1’ at Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) on 26th-27th October 2019. Through diabolo performance, the audience will understand more about the history of Malaysia's diabolo development, as well as the persistence and perseverance of diabolo artists. Whether you are passionate or interested in the culture of diabolo, or if you are interested in theatrical performances, DiAbolution Production sincerely invites you to come and enjoy the visual feast full of surprises and astonishing senses, support and witness the hard works of ours.

DiAbolution Production is one of the new rise diabolo troupe in Malaysia, aiming to promote diabolo cultural and performing art, founder Ryn Mah has reached a much wider audience in just a few years by leading his team to join various national and international activities, mainly with diabolo performances.

This production's Chinese name 'Ling . Yi' means diabolo and art. This name contains the development of the traditional cultural art of diabolo in Malaysia, and at the same time it takes the homophonic of the Chinese word “zero • one”, with an implied meaning of new breakthroughs and innovative developments in the diabolo circle.

Diabolo has been introduced to Malaysia 20 years ago, and it has been a publicly recognized sport and performance. ‘DiAbolution 0.1’ revolves around the relationship between Malaysian diabolo artist and diabolo. In addition to the traditional diabolo performance, we incorporate modern elements and more possibilities towards diabolo performance. At the same time, the audience is lead into a theatre world with diabolo as the main axis with some superb diabolo techniques combined. It will be a bold attempt for DiAbolution, but we are confident that this will be a visual feast full of surprises and astonishing senses.

‘DiAbolution 0.1’ is made up of 4 chapters, which are ’Retrospect‘, ’Insistence‘, ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Virtuosic’. The second word in each chapter's Chinese name shares the same pronunciation as the Chinese word "Art". The message that we would like to bring is the possibility of development and innovation on the basis of diabolo. ‘Retrospect’ is the first chapter of ‘DiAbolution 0.1’, choreographed by artistic director Ryn Mah, bringing audience back to 20 years ago of diabolo history and recalling the memory of traditional diabolo in Malaysia.

The second chapter ‘Insistence’, choreographed by Sze Kien Chun and Lee Ming Jun, presents the persistence and experience of diabolo artists to transcend their own techniques, and sticking to the perseverance and spirit of inheriting the diabolo culture. In this chapter, we also incorporate the elements of percussion, presenting visual performance of diabolo and auditory effects of percussions at the same time.

The third chapter ‘Bizarre’ is choreographed by Tzusheng Conan. In line with the storyline, various life props are integrated into the diabolo performance to let audience realize that diabolo can also be very interesting and lively.

The fourth chapter ‘Virtuosic’, choreographed by Ling Zhi Xian and Soon Yong Wei, combines cheerleading skills and dazzling high-end diabolo techniques, presented in bursts of dazzling tricks, bringing the audience to the climax of the technical diabolo performance.

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