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How the Bird Flies at The Drama Studio


3/15/2019 - 3/17/2019


The Drama Studio

128 E Bell Ave
Clarksville,IN 47129

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Phone: 8122837472

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Fifteen-year-old Rachel has barely ever ventured out of her house. Always under the close scrutiny of her mother Gerri, her life consists of homework (assigned and graded by her mother), having her hair brushed and styled into a tight bun (by her mother), and sketching (always birds). The only glimpses she gets of the outside world are the snippets of stories her grandmother Mara tells her when she visits. Rachel dreams of adventure, of a chance to let her hair down. Luckily, a new neighbor arrives on the scene to help her do just that.Join The Drama Studio for this retelling of the Rapunzel story that explores the tension between generations, self-empowerment, and family trauma.

Ages: Teen and up

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