Cirque du Soleil Questions

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Cirque du Soleil Questions#1
Posted: 7/30/11 at 1:10pm
Hey everyone!

It is my first time going to Vegas. I was thinking of going to see Mystere. Ka is not playing during the time I will be there but is O really worth the extra money? I was also looking at Le Reve as a possible second show. Are Mystere and Le Reve good choices?

Also, there is a promotion for $50 Mystere tickets, is that a good price? Are Mystere and Le Reve likely to be available at Tix4Tonight?
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Cirque du Soleil Questions#2
Posted: 6/19/13 at 3:52pm
Totally depends on what you're looking for. All of the Cirque shows are good but very different in my opinion. Le Reve isn't a cirque show technically speaking.

$50 for Mystere is a good price. It was available at tix4tonight almost every day we were there in June but it runs about 80-110 out of the tix4tonight booth which is true for almost all of the cirque shows.

Mystere is classic circus style cirque soleil. If you've never seen a cirque show I'd say it's a good choice. O is a completely different show since it's all water based...alot of choreographed swimming, diving and then also classic cirque stuff. Zarkana is kinda traditional cirque but dark but alot of really cool visuals, sets and costumes. Zumanity is like cirque x-rated with nudity and stuff. Ka has a story line, the most incredible stage I've ver seen, but more martial arts centric and not as many acrobatic acts as you would see in the other shows. They are all good just for different reasons.