The sisters Macaluso at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


5/6/2014 - 5/18/2014


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rivoli, 6 (MM Lanza)
Milan,Milan 20121
Phone: +39 02 42411889

The sisters Macaluso in Italy

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Emma Dante, one of the most interesting and controversial Italian directors choose to stage a "matriarchal" story of a family of seven women, "sisters", which debuts Macaluso in Naples in early 2014 and then get to the Piccolo Teatro.
The family consists of seven sisters, all females, Gina, Cetty, Maria, Katia, Leah, Jennifer and Antonella, who died a few years earlier. After the ceremony, the sisters stop remembering, to evoke, to reproach, to dream, crying and laughing in their history. Is the funeral of one of them. The dead are basically ready to appear and disappear, ready to take away the dead while a swipe of scotch on the floor marks the border between here and there, between now and ever more, between is and was, an overline to fight again, the manner of pupi siciliani, with swords and shields in hand.

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