The invention of solitude at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


4/8/2014 - 4/13/2014


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Largo Antonio Greppi, 1 (MM Lanza)
Milan,Milan 20121
Phone: +39 02 42411889

The invention of solitude in Italy

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A few weeks after the unexpected death of his father, Paul Auster is found in the large House of a foreign parent who abandoned the family years to retire in a detached loneliness doggedly from the world and from suffering. Thus, through subtle traces, the protagonist discovers fragments of alien existence, that is partly his own.
"The music of chance" wants the same Auster, in those days, going to abandon his wife and beloved son. In a mosaic of images, reflections, coincidences, fate forces him to chart a life and to reflect on the difficulties of being together father and son and how the case imperceptibly Governments our lives.

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