The Bald Soprano at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


1/15/2014 - 1/26/2014


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Largo Antonio Greppi, 1 (MM Lanza)
Milan,Milan 20121
Phone: +39 02 42411889

The Bald Soprano in Italy

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The small pays tribute to Massimo Castri, recently deceased film director, with his latest show: Ionesco's the bald soprano. A text where the chatter from the living room of two English pairs anonymous show uno sfascio always moral.
When she goes on stage for the first time, in 1950, the Bald Soprano reveals an avant-garde author, decided to turn the page on the Canon Theatre, escaping to the realism and psychological system: Eugene Ionesco, who went on to become prominent exponent of the theatre of the absurd.
The Bald Soprano staged two English pairs anonymous-Smith and Martin-represented as Archetypes of the bourgeoisie. The four are engaged in classic chatter, but have lost all ability to communicate: talk about trivia, using conventional phrases, do not express emotions or passions. The result is a paradoxical situation, a grotesque comedy in which the protagonists talk about anything proving a superficiality, combined with an inability to think and to deepen that dramatically is not far from our reality.

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