Returning home at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


11/19/2013 - 12/1/2013


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Largo Antonio Greppi, 1 (MM Lanza)
Milan,Milan 20121
Phone: +39 02 42411889

Returning home in Italy

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Harold Pinter writes "The Homecoming" in 1964: is one of the earliest texts of the artistic maturity of the playwright, whose work starts in those years to be recognized internationally. The drama, caustic and fierce, recounts the dissolution of family ties based on hypocrisy and tuber that aches and internal experiences and the interiors have matured over time. Trigger is, precisely, the return home of Teddy, after years of distance. The man brings his wife Ruth, the only female in a world of men. His arrival will affect the shocking and somewhat unexpected: accepted as a foreign element to vent his own misogyny, Ruth is accepted and inserted in a game the massacre where it appears at the same time as victim and victimizer: will her husband Teddy to leave alone.

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