Medea at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


10/16/2013 - 11/3/2013


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Via Rivoli, 2
Milan,Milan 20121
Phone: +39 02 42411889
Running Time: 90 minutes

Medea in Italy

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After the huge success of "Anna Hats" Maria Paiato is measured with an extreme and definitive character, still guided by strict and visionary power of Pierpaolo Sepe.
"Medea is tragedy showing unreasonable reasons a woman who ' doesn't know curb nor anger nor love '", explains the Director, "that does not accept the laws of time and others desires and guilty of reasons a man that wrong course in a pitiful action its primary crime: Jason broke the sacred limits of the world in search of the Golden Fleece, Medea breaks the sacred bonds of motherhood. In the fit of a wish incidentally exploited in an Act permanently oltrenatura opens the contemporary world of inhuman ".
"It is a blind and crazy search that drags Medea and Jason beyond the limits of peace that preserves the man by his own abysses-Sepe-continues. Searching aimlessly and without result, which once sparked claims of ' break with your fury the sacred laws of the universe '. A report can only be as a massacre. An unfair and unbridgeable pain which is both victims and architects, a sorrow that explodes in the heart of the ira. This painful fury is Medea ".

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