Harlequin servant of two masters at Piccolo Teatro Grassi


12/3/2013 - 12/22/2013


Piccolo Teatro Grassi

Largo Antonio Greppi, 1 (MM Lanza)
Milan,Milan 20121

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3 hours with two intermissions
Phone: +39 02 42411889

Harlequin servant of two masters in Italy

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The story of Arlecchino servant of two masters, said Giorgio Strehler, is "living memory". Like an unstoppable River in flood, the show, with the "mythical" Ferruccio Soleri in the role of Harlequin, back, missed and loved, inspiring generations. And the magic blooms every night on stage. Why "Harlequin is always the same and always different", as wrote Strehler, and how "live" every evening the great Ferruccio Soleri, and is "free from the time passing." A once-in-a-lifetime theatrical adventure, full of games and melancholy, trepidations and pranks, jokes and bisticci Rapture because they are the ones ever. A little ' history of the living theatre, for over 60 years, with amazing vitality, conquering viewers of every age and country, who share the "Harlequin Theatre, hungry".

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