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  3. Ramleela- Sukhmanch Winter Theater Festival`19

Ramleela- Sukhmanch Winter Theater Festival`19 at Lok Kala Manch




Lok Kala Manch

20 Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodi Road
Delhi,NCR 110003
Phone: 022 4208 5050

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Ramleela, the playwright by Rakesh Veda is a strong satire over the vested interests that people possess in the name of religion.
The play is a thrilling mix of the traditional method of depicting Ramayan in the form of- Ramleela on one hand and a few people benefitting by using other faith in religion.
Even though every religion preaches peace but How does the general mass gets carried away in the name of religious activities and tradition and ends up losing a great deal be it in terms of societal harmony, inter- religion peace or personal loss.

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