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Radhey at India Habitat Center: The Stein Auditorium




India Habitat Center: The Stein Auditorium

Lodhi Road, Near Sai Mandir
Delhi,Delhi NCR 110003
Phone: 022 4208 5050

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The play is inspired from Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s timeless classic poem Rashmirathi and set on Karna’s last two days life during the Mahabharata war and deals with his eternal quest of knowing Who is he? How does it affect people close to him? It questions Karna’s inner conflict between his promise to Kunti and loyalty to his friend and King Duryodhana. Play also tries to explore the impact of war on people from different sections of society from King to Servant, their take on war, their desires, dreams, anger and changing relationships with each other during the war. Play has two main characters among others Karna and his servant Subahu, who idolizes Karna and has high hopes from him, more than anyone. Both come from Shudra section of society and does not believe on cast based restrictions of society.

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