Comedy In Diversity

8/4/2013 - 8/4/2013
L.T.G Auditorium: Delhi
Mandi House, Copernicus Marg, Cannaught Place
New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Rs. 300.00 - Rs. 500.00
Phone: 3989 5050

Comedy In Diversity in India

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The show is called `COMEDY IN DIVERSITY` because we believe that Comedy knows no religion and that`s why We`ll make fun of everyone, irrespective of their religion. This is first of it`s kind comedy show performed in India by four Stand-up Comedians from different religions.

Performers: Nishant Joke Singh, Zakir Khan, Maheep Singh and Abish Mathew

Nishant: He is known as `JOKE singh` in the comedy circuit. He looks like Russell Peters after applying fairness cream. He is one of the best comedians in India according to His Late Grand Mother. He takes digs at stereotypes, racism, politics and Indian culture. Since everything else comes with a high price tag, `JOKE singh` chooses to keep his jokes cheap, very very cheap.

Zakir: He is the winner of Comedy Central`s hunt for Best Stand Up Comic of india and the winner of foster`s lol evenings. Armed with the looks of Brad Pitt laboring on a construction site in Greater Noida, this `Confused Desi` serves up his take on modern India with a hard to resist rustic humor that`ll have you nodding your heads and clapping as you relate to everything he says.

Maheep: He is a professional demotivational speaker providing demotivation to overly motivated and driven workforce in the corporate world, his very presence demotivates you. And all of the things he says in his stand-up are facts. He believes that If it is true, it`s funny. If people believe it to be true, it`s still funny.

Abish: He is one of the most experienced & unique comedians in the country with his ability to mix different forms of styles in one show, mixing the shows up with funny original songs, silent enacted one man sketches, shooting live videos of his online show Punliners and Stand up comedy at it purest best. Always experimenting and designing every show individually. Custom Made Comedy For You.

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