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Showstoppers 51 in Broadway SHOWSTOPPERS 51
Hawaii Theatre Center
Rosalie Woodson Dance Academy students are showcased in this 51st Annual Showstoppers recital. This annual recital is put on for all their students, families, and friends. It is very important for the students to have the experience of performing on stage. Dances are choreographed to suit the ability, age group, and personalities of the dancers. Join us for this exciting showcasing the hard work and dedication of these talented young students!
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An evening with Keali'i Reichel in Broadway AN EVENING WITH KEALI'I REICHEL
Kahilu Theatre
Keali`i Reichel is one of Hawaii's most popular recording artists. He is renowned as singer, songwriter, choreographer, dancer, chanter, scholar, teacher, and personality. He has spent his life educating the world about Hawaiian culture through music and dance. Keali`i has opened concerts for Bonnie Raitt, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion, and Sting. In addition to his regular concerts in Hawai?i, he has toured the US mainland playing in such places as New York at Carnegie Hall, San Diego, San Francisco, Anaheim, Hollywood Bowl, Phoenix, and toured internationally with concerts in Tahiti, Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, where he regularly performs to sold out audiences. Keali'i will present an intimate evening at Kahilu, in benefit for Aloha Victor as well as Kahilu Theatre, He will talk story, sing and play guitar with musician Sean Pimenthal and hula dancer accompanying. Kahilu Theatre is very happy to share this very special "Kumu Session" with Waimea.
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The Mikado in Broadway THE MIKADO
Hawaii Opera Theatre
A year before the action of this opera begins, Nanki-Poo, son of the Mikado of Japan, fled his father's imperial court to escape marriage with Katisha, an elderly lady. Disguised as a traveling musician, he met and fell in love with Yum-Yum, the young ward of Ko-Ko, a cheap tailor in the town of Titipu. Yum-Yum, however, was already betrothed to her guardian, and Nanki-Poo left Titipu in despair. ACT I The show opens in the town of Titipu where the chorus of nobles are joined by Nanki-Poo, disguised as a second trombone, who is looking for Yum-Yum, the ward of Ko-Ko. A noble lord named Pish-Tush asks what Nanki-Poo's business is with Yum-Yum, and learns that the minstrel had seen the girl a year ago when he was a member of the town band, and they had fallen in love. But Yum-Yum was betrothed to her guardian Ko-Ko, 'a cheap tailor.' However on learning that Ko-Ko was condemned to death for flirting, the minstrel has hurried back to try to claim Yum-Yum. Unfortunately on his return he finds that far from being dead, Ko-Ko has in fact been let out on bail, and appointed Lord High Executioner. There is worse to come as Pooh-Bah, who holds every major office of state, informs Nanki-Poo that Yum-Yum and Ko-Ko are to be married that very day. Yum-Yum and her sisters, Pitti-Sing and Peep-Bo, appear with their schoolfellows. When Yum-Yum finally catches sight of Nanki-Poo he reveals that he is the son of the Mikado, and when they are alone, she admits she does not love her guardian. The two lovers realize that their cause is hopeless, and Yum-Yum leaves Nanki-Poo who then tries to kill himself. Meanwhile, Ko-Ko has received a letter from the Mikado, who threatens to abolish the post of Lord High Executioner and reduce Titipu to the rank of a village unless a beheading takes place within a month. On seeing Nanki-Poo about to 'terminate an unendurable existence,' Ko-Ko points out that suicide is a capital offence, and offers to do the job professionally. Nanki-Poo agrees, on the condition that he can marry Yum-Yum and enjoy one month of married life before he is beheaded. After the execution Ko-Ko will then be able to marry the widowed Yum-Yum. Amidst the celebrations, in storms Katisha, having tracked down the object of her affections, Nanki-Poo, and threatens to reveal his true identity. She is outshouted by a chorus of Japanese syllables: " O ni! bikkuri shakkuri to!" (one of the many possible translations of which is "So surprised, we hiccup! Bah!") . But the town dwellers are not to be deterred and 'joy reigns everywhere around.' ACT II Act Two opens with Yum-Yum being prepared for her wedding. But soon the awful fact is out that under the Mikado's law the widow of a beheaded man must be buried alive. This places Nanki-Poo in a dilemma: if he holds Yum-Yum to this marriage, she dies a hideous death, and if he releases her she must marry Ko-Ko at once. The marriage is off, and Nanki-Poo determines to do away with himself that afternoon unless Ko-Ko will kill him at once. But it turns out that Ko-Ko can't kill anything. To make matters worse, the Mikado and his suite are approaching the town and will arrive in ten minutes. In desperation Ko-Ko arranges to draw up an affidavit of Nanki-Poo's execution. The Mikado arrives with Katisha who makes much of being his daughter-in-law elect. When Ko-Ko presents his certificate of execution, the Mikado reads it and says, 'My poor fellow, in your anxiety to carry out my wishes you have beheaded the heir to the throne of Japan!' Ko-Ko and Pooh-Bah find Nanki-Poo and beg him to present himself, alive, to his father, thereby absolving them of his death. But Nanki-Poo, now married to Yum-Yum, is afraid of Katisha's wrath. Unless Ko-Ko will agree to marry the old hag himself, he and Yum-Yum will leave on their honeymoon at once. Katisha, meanwhile, is mourning the death of Nanki-Poo, and when Ko-Ko tries to woo her, she is at first reluctant, but he wins the formidable lady with a pack of flattering lies and a sad, lovelorn song. Katisha adds her powerful pleas to the Mikado for everyone to be pardoned. The Mikado, a bit bewildered by it all nonetheless pronounces that 'Nothing could possibly be more satisfactory!'
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Waiting for Godot in Broadway WAITING FOR GODOT
Aloha Performing Arts Company
Waiting for Godot is an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters, Vladimir and Estragon, wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot.
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Koi, Like the Fish in Broadway KOI, LIKE THE FISH
Kumu Kahua Theatre
A young woman, her husband and child move in to her ailing uncle's house to take care of him. But Koi, used to living alone, soon begins to clash with his new housemates in spite of their assistance. Tensions rise, and soon Koi's only real friend turns out to be the woman who delivers the mail. Originally produced on Maui in 2008, this play takes an unflinchingly realistic look at the problems of families living together.
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