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People's Daily at Wasa Teater




Wasa Teater

Sandö Street 7
Vaasa,Ostrobothnia 65100

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€15.00 - €30.00
Phone: + 358 (0) 6 320 9330

People's Daily in Finland

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Each new line of Nishi S night of laughter, surprises, new ideas, insights and approaches. Nishi s, like no other, with few words and dashes to catch everything from the very small to the very greatest moments. He had a vision of's the ostrobothnians. He portrayed celebrities and ordinary people with great warmth – but was also a truth-teller who always stood on the side of the weakest.

People's daily, the stage version is set in Sidjärv. Knut and Bo meet at the mailbox and goes through the current situation. Life goes its course for Sid Wolverine residents but under the surface as bubbles and sizzles, much is on
once. Knut would start with isbjörnssafari and runs the restaurant "Sea sucks". Politicians implement together with the think tank Stigma a future seminar that brings out The unique profile; the strong personalities, the humour, the desire to do good in itself, combined with cooperation from the disturbances.

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