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Håpas du trifs bra i fengelset at Wasa Teater


2/23/2013 - 4/23/2013


Wasa Teater

kirkkopuistikko 16
Vaasa,Ostrobothnia FIN-65100

Tickets Info

€20.00 - €25.00
Phone: + 358 (0) 6 320 9330
Running Time: Approx. 90 min

Håpas du trifs bra i fengelset in Finland

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Håpas du trifs bra i fengelset, is about two siblings, Anni and Sami, who has grown up in a home where there never was money, on the other hand, alcohol. Anni has gone well with work, husband and children. For Sami goes to hell.

Peter Snickars dramatization achieves what unites siblings, both love and hate. Music, 70-talsrocken and popen evokes memories and feelings.

Håpas du trifs bra i fengelset is a story filled with anger over drugs and a society that faces out instead of helping. It is a bitwise humorous depiction of a solid substance.

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