RAGTIME - Zach Theatre Auditions

Posted: March 14, 2012

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Zach Theatre|Austin, TX

Call Type
Equity Principal

Date of Audition

ZACH Theatre's Nowlin Rehearsal Studio
1426 Toomey Road
Austin, TX 78704
In grey ZPACC building. Parking also available at 1510 Toomey Rd

Tuesday March 27th and Friday March 30th
Tuesday: 6 - 11pm
Friday: 5 - 8pm

? A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Actors will be seen by appointment only. Please email your name, phone number, and the character auditioning for toauditions@zachtheatre.org.


All roles - please see breakdown.

Please prepare two 16 bar sections from songs in Ragtime for the character(s) for which you are interested in auditioning; you may be asked to only perform one piece but please be ready with both.

Other Dates
First Rehearsal: September 3rd 2012
Performance Dates: October 17th - November 18th
Shows run Wednesday through Saturday nights and Sunday matinees


Director: Dave Steakley
Music Director: Allen Robertson


Father - (35-50) Upper class explorer and manufacturer - traditional and resistant to change.
Mother - (30-40) Upper class New Rochelle housewife - gentle, compassionate, optimistic.
Mother’s Younger Brother - (19-29) anarchist in love with Evelyn Nesbitt.
Grandfather - (60+) Little Boy's grandfather - very outspoken.
Little Boy (Edgar) - (8-13) Mother and Father's son - precocious, observant and always curious.
Tateh - (30-45) Jewish Latvian immigrant in search of American Dream - compassionate, creative, good with accent.
Little Girl - (8-12) Tateh's daughter - quiet and shy.
Coalhouse Walker, Jr. – (30 – 40, African American) proud, confident, stubborn.
Sarah - (18-20, African American) Coalhouse's love interest and the mother of his child.
Evelyn Nesbit - (20-30) Sexy movie starlet loved by all.
Harry Houdini - (20-40) Famous magician, escape artist and illusionist.
Henry Ford - (40-65) Founder of the Ford Motor Company, inventor of the assembly line.
J.P. Morgan - (40-65) Banking mogul.
Booker T. Washington - (30-55, African American) Civil rights pioneer.
Willy Conklin - (22-45) New Rochelle's Fire Chief - obnoxious and cruel
Emma Goldman - (30-60) Feminist anarchist, Jewish immigrant, powerful figure.
Stanford White - A famous architect.
Harry K. Thaw - Evelyn Nesbit's husband and the murderer of her ex-husband and rival, architect Stanford White.
Admiral Peary - Famous explorer.
**Other ensemble parts to be assigned.

(Non-Equity actors will receive EMC points)

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