ANNIE - Cabrillo Music Theatre Auditions

Posted: July 24, 2011

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Cabrillo Music Theatre - Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza|Thousand Oaks, CA

Call Type
Non-Required Principal
Date of Audition

Madilyn Clark Studios
10852 Burbank Blvd
N. Hollywood, CA 91607

Monday, August 8th
10:30AM -6:00PM

· A monitor willnotbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
By appointment only. Please call 805-497-8614 ext 3.

Guest Artist
Two AEA Guest Artist contracts still available, to be cast from among the following roles: Oliver Warbucks, Rooster Hannigan, Grace Farrell.

Bring sheet music in proper key, accompanist provided. Musical theatre okay; no pop. No recorded music, or a capella please.

Other Dates
See breakdown for additional audition dates.

First Rehearsal: Sept 19 or 26, 2011
Performance Dates: Oct 14-Oct 23 2011

Pre-Cast: Miss Hannigan (Sally Struthers).

Director/Artistic Director: Lewis Wilkenfeld; Musical Director: Ilana Eden. Choreographer: Heather Castillo. Director and Musical Director will be in attendance at all auditions.

Breakdown ANNIE (to play age 10-12) – A resourceful, optimistic child, strong-willed and determined. An independent spirit with a deep need to be loved; a singer/actress who moves well and is 4’10” or smaller. The role requires a natural and emotional honest acting style.

OLIVER WARBUCKS (Age 40s-50s) – A bombastic opinionated, successful businessman; a man uncomfortable in the presence of young girls until he opens his heart to Annie. Must sing well (Baritone to Gb) and portray this larger-than-life character with an unforced honesty.

MISS HANNIGAN (Age 40s-50s) – Cast (Sally Struthers)

GRACE FARRELL (Age 30-40) – Oliver Warbucks’ secretary and assistant; the first to see his softer side. Poised, sophisticated, and genuine. Strong singer (Soprano to Ab).

ROOSTER HANNIGAN (Age 30s-40s) – Miss Hannigan’s ne’er-do-well brother. A former jailbird and dangerous lowlife, always with a floozy on his arm. His current get-rich scheme requires posing as Annie’s nondescript father. Strong singer who moves well.

LILY ST. REGIS (Age 25-35) – The current floozy on Rooster’s arm; Flamboyant and frisky, the kind of gal who likes men in prison. Must pose as Annie’s sincere and earnest mother. Strong singer who moves well.

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT (Age 40s-50s) – Wheelchair-bound President of the United States. Poised and forceful, yet self-depreciating. Actor who speak-sings.

MALE AND FEMALE ACTOR/SINGERS who move, all ages, to play a wide variety of ENSEMBLE ROLES, including DRAKE (Warbucks’ English butler, age 40-50), MRS. PUGH (mature cook of the Warbucks household), MRS. GREER (Warbucks’ housekeeper), BERT HEALY (popular 1930s radio personality/singer), FRED McCRACKEN (radio ventriloquist/comic), JIMMY JOHNSON (“Radio’s only masked announcer!”), THE BOYLAN SISTERS (three “sisters” who sing close harmonies in radio and commercials), A STAR-TO-BE (a Broadway hopeful who arrives in N.Y.C. with only a suitcase and a strong belt), HAROLD ICKES, FRANCIS PERKINS, CORDELL
HULL, HENRY MORGANTHAU, LOUIS HOWE (members of F.D.R.’s Cabinet and Staff), Policemen, Laundry Men, Dog Catchers, New Yorkers, Chauffeurs, Servants, and the homeless citizens of Hooverville.

6 GIRLS, 4’11” and smaller, to play, the ORPHANS, including DUFFY (age 12, biggest of the group), PEPPER (age 12, tough), TESSIE (age 10, the crybaby), JULY (age 13, the quietest), KATIE (age 7, good spirited), and MOLLY (age 6, the littlest of the bunch). All must sing and move very well.
The role of SANDY has been pre-cast.

Performances to take place at the Kavli Theatre, Bank of America Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Thousand Oaks, CA. There is pay for non-union performers 18 years old and up. Diversity is encouraged. Casting will be as diverse as possible, while remaining faithful to the story and characters

Non-Equity audition days:
August 6, Hillcrest Center for the Arts, Thousand Oaks: 10AM-7PM Principals, Singers, and Children’s Appointments
August 7, Hillcrest Center for the Arts, Thousand Oaks: 1PM-6PM Principals, Singers, and Children’s Appointments
August 9, Hillcrest Center for the Arts, Thousand Oaks: 5PM-11PM Principals, Singers, and Children’s Appointments
403 W. Hillcrest, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Non-union please limit song to 1 minute

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