THE KING & I - Olney Theatre Center Auditions

Posted: March 28, 2013

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THE KING AND I - Submit Appointment Auditions TBA
Olney Theatre Center|Olney, MD

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Olney Theatre Center
Attn: Casting
2001 Olney-Sandy Spring
Olney MD20832


$632/week AEA minimum

Submissions from Adult Equity actors (m/f). Children will be auditioned at a later date. See breakdown for details.

Auditions by appointment will be held on an upcoming date TBD, location/city TBD.

Other Dates
Rehearsals: October 22-November 13, 2013
Previews: November 14-16, 2013
Opening: November 16, 2013
Closing: December 29, 2013
Possible extension through: January 12, 2014

Mark Waldrop, Director
Jen Cartney, Musical Director
Jason Loewith, Artistic Director
Christopher Youstra, Associate Producer
Michelle Muntifering, Casting Associate

Deadline for submissions: April 10.

King of Siam
45-60 yrs. Baritone. Strong, proud, in control. Struggling to bring Siam into th
e modern era without losing control of traditions and power. Strong character actor with presence. Must be able to move gracefully and project royal character.

Sir Edward Ramsay
Middle age, Caucasian. English diplomat and Anna’s former suitor. Will double as Sir Captain Orton, a seasoned English seafarer who brings Anna and Louis to Siam (also a non-singing role).

45-65 yrs. Non-singing role. Second to King, strong traditionalist.

Lun Tha
20-27 yrs. Bari-tenor. Burmese scholar, in love with Tuptim. Frustrated by his powerlessness.

Phra Alak
25-50 yrs. Secretary to The King. May double as The Interpreter.

Anna Leonowens
30-40. Caucasian. Soprano. Strong-willed, confident, accomplished, passionate teacher who travels to Siam with her son to assume the duties of tutor to the royal household.

18-24 yrs. Soprano. “Gift” from the king of Burma. Resents being given away and is in love hopelessly with Lun Tha. Rebellious and daring.

Lady Thiang
40-50 yrs. Alto/Soprano II. Head Wife, mother of Prince Chulalongkorn. Steady influence in the court.

Female Ensemble (Wives)
Seeking both singers and dancers; some of the wives may dance in "Small House" Ballet.

Male Ensemble
Seeking both singers and dancers. Will chant/sing as ensemble, and some may dance as well. Athletic build a plus.

All ethnicities encouraged to apply.

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