OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE 2020 SEASON **REVISED** - Ogunquit Playhouse Auditions

Posted: February 21, 2020

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Ogunquit Playhouse

**REVISED Musical TBA has been announced in breakdown.**


Mon, Feb 24, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (EST)
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30

Tue, Feb 25, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (EST)
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30

Wed, Feb 26, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (EST)
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30


COST Tier 2 plus. Health + Pension Provided Travel Provided. 2020 Salary: Under negotiations but no less than $783 Min


Seeking equity actors of all ethnicities for all roles in the season. Actors are cast on a per-show basis and not as part of a repertory company. See breakdown.

Also seeking SM and ASM positions. See separate notice on Casting Call for submission info.


Prepare a brief song of your choice, in the style of the show you are most interested in. Bring your book should you be asked for something else. Please bring a hard copy headshot and resume, stapled together. A pianist will be provided.


Ripley-Grier Studios (520)
520 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018-6507
16th floor. Check lobby for any changes upon arrival.


Personnel expected in attendance:
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Casting: Chad Eric Murnane, CSA / Binder Casting


A separate EPA day will be held for the play (The War of Roses). This will be handled at a later date, TBA.


EPA Procedures are in effect for audition.
An Equity monitor will be provided.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Ogunquit Playhouse 2020

Dirty Dancing
Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Written By: Eleanor Bergstein
Director: TBA
Casting: Binder Casting, Chad Eric Murnane, CSA
*Other Creative Team members TBA
First Rehearsal in Ogunquit: April 14 or April 28
First Preview: May 13
Opening: May 15
Closing: June 20

[BABY HOUSEMAN] Female, Caucasian, age 17: Seeking an excellent actor who can dance. Fair complexion, endearing and earnest. She is a young girl with an enormous heart. Compassionate and naïve in her absolute idealism. We see her grow from a girl discovering her sexuality into a beautiful young woman in love. Must be a strong dramatic actor with comic skills. Must have some dance experience. LEAD

[JOHNNY CASTLE] Male, Caucasian, mid 20s-late 30s: Must be tall, extremely handsome and masculine with an excellent physique. Has a natural charisma that attracts attention when he walks into a room. Guarded, yet energetic, graceful, and commanding. Under his charismatic sex appeal, he doubts his worth as a person. Must be an excellent dancer who is also a very strong actor. Experience in Latin and Ballroom dancing preferable, but not essential. LEAD

[PENNY] Female, Caucasian, mid 20s: Spectacular dancer and good actor who has some singing ability (belt/mezzo). Tall with a terrific figure and long legs, Penny is a dance instructor/ torch song singer who grew up with Johnny. Delicate but fierce; fragile and elegant of spirit. Though she dances with effortless fluidity and grace of movement, she has had to fight for what she has become. Experience in Latin and Ballroom dancing preferable, but not essential. PRINCIPAL

[BILLY] Male, Caucasian, 20s: Strong actor who either is a strong mover or strong singer as well. Johnny's cousin. Appealing and energetic. Looks up to Johnny. Billy first brings Baby into the staff's quarters. Always trying to make things right for everybody, occasionally his good intentions have disastrous consequences. Seeking a great dramatic actor with comic skills. In the stage version, Billy potentially sings the duets "I've Had The Time Of My Life" and "Do You Love Me." Good baritone contemporary/pop singer. PRINCIPAL

[JAKE HOUSEMAN] Male, Caucasian, late 40s-50s: Baby's father. Good looking doctor who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and made a nice life for himself and his family. Must have sex appeal. He is an idealistic and honorable man who commands people's attention when he speaks. Must be an excellent actor who is comfortable with movement. Some singing also preferred - baritone range. PRINCIPAL

[MARJORIE HOUSEMAN] Female, Caucasian, late 30s-40s: Baby's mother and beloved wife of Jake. She is warm, intelligent, pretty, elegant and trim. She is attractive with a fierce determination to keep her family together. She is close to her daughter Lisa and yearns for a better relationship with Baby, who consistently turns to her father. This role is expanded from the movie. Must be an excellent actor who can sing (mezzo/belt) and is comfortable with movement. PRINCIPAL

[LISA HOUSEMAN] Female, Caucasian, 19 years old: Baby's older, extroverted sister. She is pretty and flirtatious. While she seems both self-assured and self-delighted, she can be surprisingly naïve about the promises men make to her. She longs for her father to give her the attention he gives Baby. Needs to be an honest comic actor and avoid becoming a caricature of the character in the film. Dance and singing experience a plus (mezzo/belt with some head voice). PRINCIPAL

[ROBBIE] Male, Caucasian, 20s-30s: Strong actor who can dance. He is a Yale medical student. Attractive and charming; the type of gentleman that is seemingly a suitable escort for young ladies and of whom parents would certainly approve. He is seductive and careless, and dismisses any female he deems 'working class,' like Penny. Has a flirtatious manner with pretty girls like Lisa, but can quickly turn aggressive. PRINCIPAL

[MAX KELLERMAN] Male, Caucasian, 40s-60s: Excellent actor who moves well (does a short soft shoe shuffle). The owner of Kellerman's, he is a man of dignity and the ultimate host to the important people who visit his resort. He takes great pride in his hotel and his staff, running a tight ship and demanding high standards. He is deeply saddened when the staff seem to betray his expectations. Also helpful if this actor is comfortable with some singing. PRINCIPAL

[NEIL KELLERMAN] Male, Caucasian, early-late 20s: Good actor with singing and movement skills. He is an over-eager version of Max, torn between his desire to be "one of the guys" and his status as the "owner's grandson." He is a good and likable person who is always trying hard to prove himself to those around him. The role is expanded from the movie. Strong actor who has comic abilities. Bari-tenor. PRINCIPAL

Crazy For You
Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Book: Ken Ludwig
Music: George Gershwin
Lyrics: Ira Gershwin, Gus Kahn, Desmond Carter
Director: TBA
Casting: Binder Casting, Chad Eric Murnane, CSA
*Other Creative Team members TBA
First Rehearsal in NYC: June 8
First Preview: June 24
Opening: June 26
Closing: July 25

[BOBBY CHILD] Male, Any Ethnicity late 20s/30s: our triple threat leading man - a charismatic combo of Gene Kelly’s athletic physicality and Fred Astaire’s stylish elegance - sings beautifully, taps amazingly, and totally charms whether he’s pulling off broad physical comedy or tender romantic moments he literally sweeps Polly (and us) off her feet.

[POLLY BAKER] Female, Any Ethnicity 20s/early 30s: our triple threat leading lady - an irresistible cowgirl next door - the Western mash-up of Judy Garland, Ethel Merman, and Ginger Rogers - she can belt out a tune with gusto, break our heart with a ballad, and make us melt with her dancing skills. Open, honest, direct, and in spite of her confident swagger - a sweet and surprisingly vulnerable ingénue.

[EVERETT BAKER] Male, Any Ethnicity late 50s/60s: Polly’s father - a slightly befuddled widower still clinging to his memories of Polly’s showgirl mother and a happier time in a bustling Deadrock - a lousy businessman, but a loving and sympathetic dad. Sings well. Some tap.

[MRS. LOTTIE CHILD] Female, Any Ethnicity late 50s/60s: Bobby’s mother - an imperious and controlling parent with a business head and a very firm hand - mother KNOWS best. Sings well. Some tap. Doubles as: PATRICIA FODOR: the female half of our chirpy English couple. A seasoned and affable traveler with the cheeriest of British stiff upper lips Comic character actor with fun upper crust British accent - Miss Jane Hathaway by way of London.

[LANK HAWKINS] Male, Any Ethnicity late 20s/30s: proprietor of Deadrocks saloon - an intense, manic, visionary unfortunately, and frustratingly for Lank, nobody else in town shares his vision. A singing/dancing comic actor (who is also damn sexy!) who can make this cartoon character come to full, funny life.

[IRENE ROTH] Female, Any Ethnicity late 20s/early 30s: Bobby's society debutante fiance (of 5 years!) Glamorous, sophisticated, chilly, and oh-so New York until she gets to Deadrock and lets her hair down with a hot cowboy. A singing/dancing comic actress able to turn this society gal into one sizzling saloon mama.

[BELA ZANGLER] Male, Any Ethnicity late 30s/40s: the imposing, dapper, Hungarian impresario who produces Zanglers Follies - a larger than life, highly successful businessman who can steamroll over everyone except the showgirl he is gaga over-Tess. A comic actor/singer with great physical skills and timing. Some tap.

Mr. Holland’s Opus
Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Book/Lyrics: BD Wong
Music: Wayne Barker
Director: BD Wong
Casting: Michael Cassara Casting
First Rehearsal in NYC:July 6
First Preview: Aug 1
Opening: Aug 7
Closing: Aug 22


[HOLLAND (Glenn Holland)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 29-69: High baritone with a solid, sustained G. Must perform in ASL. A very creative man with a neurotic, youthful wit. Never off stage and must carry the entire show.

[MEISTER (Bill Meister)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 30s-60s+: High Baritone or Tenor with a solid G# The Best Friend. An intellectual equal to Holland, he is not your average gym teacher. Cannot resist a kid in need. Nurturing and wise-cracking, he has a fantastic, dry sense of humor and can be wonderfully warm, understanding and insightful.

[WOLTERS (Eugene Wolters)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 40s-60s+: Non-singing role with a very difficult rhythmic-spoken song: musicianship required. The antagonist. A by-the-book Vice Principal who eventually becomes the Principal. Roundly disliked by everyone. Uptight, uncreative, unsympathetic to creative types, he keeps the school in the black by being a penny pinching, joyless micro-manager.

[LOUIS RUS, SR.] Male, Any Ethnicity, 40s-50s: High baritone or Tenor to a solid G# Father of LOUIE. In one scene the proud parent, and in another suddenly sensitive and bereft.

[JIM STAHLEN] Male, Any Ethnicity, 30s-50s: Baritone with a smooth easy-rock voice. long lost childhood friend of Holland’s, Jim Stahlen is a popular folk-rock singer/songwriter, with a song climbing the charts throughout the show.

[IRIS (Iris Holland)] Female, Any Ethnicity, 20s-60s: Strong seamless belt. Must perform in ASL. Practical, she has years of experience living with a difficult boyfriend/husband, and knows just how to motivate him and keep him focused through humor and by sometimes taking a pseudo-parental approach. Funny and sexy in an earthy, bohemian way.

[JACOBS (Helen J. Jacobs)] Female, Any Ethnicity, 40s-60s+: Strong belt. The formidable Principal of Kennedy High (in Act One), Jacobs is feared by all, mostly because she takes great pains to remain unreadable in every situation.

[STADLER’S MOM] Female, Any Ethnicity, 30s-50s: Strong seamless belt. Seen as a figment of Stadler’s imagination. She is a hardworking mom who is shut out by her surly, teenaged son (Stadler).

[GERTRUDE (Gertrude Liang)] Female, Any Ethnicity, teens: Light mixy belt. A bundle of energy with attention deficit and audio processing challenges, Gertrude is at first terrified at her own learning disability until Holland unlocks her potential, revealing a vibrant, productive, talented and very vivacious young teen beneath.

[ROWENA (Rowena Moraga)] Female, Any Ethnicity, 18+ to play teens: Very strong seamless belt. A teenage musical theater nerd in the drama department, Rowena is a promising young senior who is torn between pursuing the stable career her parents see for her, and her dream of becoming an actor.

[BOBBY TIDD 20s] Trans Boy, Any Ethnicity, teens: Ensemble singer. A very cool trans boy. It is 1972 and there are no names or protocols for trans people. Bobby is a kid finding his way in a world of teenage confusion, gender identity crisis, and bullies, and uses the vernacular of hip Jazz musicians of the 1940s to create a slick personality of easy masculinity.

[LOUIE (Louie Rus, Jr.)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 18+ to play teens: Tenor. A bundle of energy, Louie is a star athlete with a very skittish side, seemingly a contradiction in terms.

[LAMONT (Lamont Ryan)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 18+ to play teens: High tenor with a comfortable B. A thoughtful and edgy art student, Lamont personifies creativity and young people being creative.

[STADLER] Male, Any Ethnicity, 18+ to play teens: Tenor with a solid G#. Stadler is a sullen, bitter teen, who takes things out on the people around him by bullying them or whining.

[COLE (Cole Holland)] Male, Any Ethnicity, 18+ to play teens Non-speaking role. Cole must be played by a deaf or hard of hearing actor who is fluent in ASL.
Cole is a bright, mischievous deaf teen who is saddened by his own father’s inability to connect with him (primarily because his father is so driven by music) but extremely resilient, and trusting that his turn will come as he waits in the long queue for Holland’s affections

Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Book: Alexander Dinelaris
Music & Lyrics: Gloria and Emilio Estefan
Director: TBD
Choreographer: TBD
Casting: Binder Casting, Chad Eric Murnane, CSA
*Other Creative Team members TBA
First Rehearsal in NYC: Sept 7
First Preview: Sept 23
Opening: Sept 25
Closing: Oct 25
[GLORIA ESTEFAN] Female, Latina, 20s–30s. Initially shy, opens up as the story progresses.
Becomes an icon. Sharp sense of humor. Must have star quality. Good actress. Must speak Spanish,
sing and dance incredibly well.
[EMILIO ESTEFAN] Male, Latino, 30s–40s. Confident. Handsome. Sometimes stumbles over his
emotions...and his English. Loyal. Leading man with character. Must speak Spanish and sing very
[GLORIA FAJARDO] Female, Latina, 50s–60s. Gloria’s mother. Brassy. Strong willed. Latin Matriarch.
Survivor. Biting humor. Must dance and sing very well.
[CONSUELO] Female, Latina, 65–75. Gloria’s grandmother. Cuban stage mother. Sometimes an
apparition. Wise. Loving. Warm. Gloria’s guardian angel. Must speak Spanish. Singing is not
[YOUNG GLORIA] Female, Latina, 10 – 12. Innocent, but smart and self-reliant. Slightly sad, but
always full of hope. Should speak Spanish. Needs a strong pop voice and be able to move.

[YOUNG EMILIO/NAYIB/JEREMY] Male, Latino, 12. Emilio as a boy; Nayib, Gloria’s son; and Jeremy,
a young boy celebrating his bar mitzvah. As Young Emilio, straight forward, determined and strong.
Does not need to sing but must be an exceptional latin dancer. PRINCIPAL
[JOSÉ FAJARDO] Male, Latino, 40s–60s. Gloria’s father. A doting husband and father in flashback.
Nearly paralyzed from MS and housebound during Gloria’s teen years. Must have a strong pop tenor
[PHIL] Male, Caucasian 30s–50s. Record label executive. Slick, money-driven. Strong singer.

White Christmas
Executive Artistic Director: Bradford T. Kenney
Associate Producer: Brian J. Swasey
Director: Jayme McDaniel
Choreographer: Kelli Barclay
Casting: Binder Casting, Chad Eric Murnane, CSA
*Other Creative Team members TBA
First Rehearsal in Ogunquit: Nov 9
First Preview: Nov 25
Opening: Nov 27
Closing: Dec 20

[BOB WALLACE] Male, Any ethnicity, late 20s to mid 30s, no older: Easygoing, charming, decent principled man. A major singing star in post- World War II America. He wears his fame easily, but is seeking something more important: a decent, fulfilling life and true love. While helping his Army unit general regain his dignity, he defines his own life and meets his true love. Seeking a superb singer with a crooning style who moves very well. Basic tap is a plus. Baritone.

[EZEKIEL FOSTER/MR.SNORING MAN] Male, Any Ethnicity play early 40s to early 50s: Heavy-set comic, character man. Excellent legit baritone. EZEKIEL: Vermont local with a dry delivery who is stagehand for the show and comes to love show business. MR. SNORING MAN: Passenger on the train to Vermont; vocal feature in the song “Snow”. This track also covers GENERAL WAVERLY.

[SUSAN WAVERLY] Female, Any Ethnicity, 9 years old, 49”-52” – no taller: The GENERAL’s granddaughter visiting from California for Christmas. A charming, loveable, and outgoing real kid – very intelligent, but knows nothing about show business. Once bitten by the showbiz bug, she demonstrates everything that is winning in the ultimate child performer. Excellent belt voice, must move well.

[PHIL DAVIS] Male, Any Ethnicity, late 20s-mid 30s – no older: The ambitious, go-getting, song-and-dance partner of the team of Wallace and Davis. An irrepressible clown, operator, incorrigible skirt-chaser…and definite ladies man. He saved BOB’s life during the war and became his partner and engine behind their fabulous success. He must have boyish charm and sex appeal. Strong tap and theatre jazz needed. Seeking a major song-and-dance comic performer. Bari-tenor.

[BETTY HAYNES] Female, Any Ethnicity, mid to late 20s: The sensible responsible half of the up-and-coming song-and-dance team the Haynes Sisters. She has a beautiful, rich singing voice that matches her decent, upstanding principles. She is overprotective of her younger sister and – like BOB – she needs something more. Of course they are ultimately the perfect couple. Seeking a major female singer of quiet beauty and charm with a rich chest-mix sound & a soprano extension.

[JUDY HAYNES] Female, Any Ethnicity, early 20s: The younger, more ambitious Haynes sister. While wholesome and adorable, she is sexy and flirty – a winning charmer no man can resist. Strong tap and theatre jazz needed. Seeking a major song-and-dance performer. Chest-mix.

[GENERAL HENRY WAVERLY] Male, Any Ethnicity, late 50s to mid 60s: A retired U.S. Army General, adjusting to returning to civilian life in post World War II America. Once a powerful leader now struggles to run an inn in Vermont. He remains a man of great principal and dignity. Beneath his hard, curmudgeon, military exterior, lays a warm compassionate man in need of family and love. Still a handsome, vital man. Non-singing role.

[MARTHA WATSON] Female, Any Ethnicity, late 40s to mid 50s: Once a musical comedy star, now the general’s housekeeper at the Inn. She has a VERY dry, wry, honest wisecracking sense of humor. Big-hearted but completely unsentimental. She runs the GENERAL’s life in spite of his protestations. An irrepressible meddler but always for what she believes to be the other guy’s best interests. Seeking a winning, appealing character comedienne with a clarion belt voice.

[RALPH SHELDRAKE] Male, Any Ethnicity, mid to late 30s: Former Army buddy of BOB and PHIL’s now a major television executive with the Ed Sullivan Show. Fast-talking, New York professional. Covers BOB WALLACE. Baritone.

[MIKE NUTLY] Male, Any Ethnicity, late 20s to mid 30s: Strong singer, first or second tenor preferred but not absolutely necessary. Harassed, overworked, frustrated stage manager of Bob & Phil’s show. A Jason Alexander/Nathan Lane-type comic actor, but not necessarily short and/or round. Covers RALPH SHELDRAKE.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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