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COPING - Showcase Auditions

Posted: June 8, 2015

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COPING - NYC Appointments

Audra Arnaudon Presents | Brooklyn, NY

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NYC Fringe;

NYC auditions to be held 6/10 and 6/12 by appointment only.

Seeking Equity and Non-Equity actors.

For consideration, email picture and resume ASAP.

Other Dates
1st reh: no earlier than 7/10 (on nights & weekends until just prior to festival)
One mandatory tech rehearsal at a date TBD.
5 performances betwee 8/14/15-8/30/15; schedule will not be confirmed until after 7/5

Producer - Audra Arnaudon
Writer - Jacob Marx Rice
Director - Anna Strasser

Callbacks on 6/13
If given an appointment, sides will be provided.



Female, mid twenties, all ethnicities. Connor's girlfriend. Determined to find a way to cope with his suicide. Fragile but with a deep well of rage. Considerate and anxious. She tries to do the right thing but often fails. Suffers from OCD. Romantically attracted to men and women.

Female, late twenties, all ethnicities. Connor's sister. A control freak. Harsh, she likes to pick fights, but is extremely smart and often charming. She cares deeply for people but has difficulty expressing it. A history of depression. Dating Taylor.

Female, twenties, all ethnicities. Wickedly funny, she uses humor as a way to handle her deep seated anger. Conflict averse and protective. She tries to make everyone happy, but has a vicious streak and holds a grudge. Dating Jessica.

Male, twenties, all ethnicities. Connor's roommate. Laid back. A stoner. He is a wise fool, with an emphasis on the fool. Caring and at times insightful but bad at picking up social cues. Very funny, but not always aware of it.

Female, any age, all ethnicities. A funeral consultant. By the book. Genuine but professional. Extremely conflict averse, yet she still somehow always says the wrong thing. Perky and at times patronizing, she is trying to do what's best for everybody.

Stage Manager
Female, any age, all ethnicities. Pragmatic and snarky but caring. She is Sarah's guide, and takes her job very seriously. She is deeply invested in what is going on but tries to maintain a professional distance.

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