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Posted: February 14, 2014

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Circle Theatre General Audition - EPA

Circle Theatre|Fort Worth, TX

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Sunday, February 23, 2104
2:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Break5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Minimum $215/wk

Circle Theatre
230 West Fourth Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Actors for Circle Theatre general auditions.

Auditions will consist of sides and monologues from the scripts. Actors are strongly encouraged to present a prepared 1-2 minute contemporary monologue.
Sides are available @:
Username: actors
Password: circle

Other Dates
The Other Place
PerformanceMay 1–May 24. Rehearsals beginApril 7.

Hope and Gravity
PerformanceJune 19–July 19. Rehearsals beginMay 26.

Stella and Lou
PerformanceAugust 21–September 20. Rehearsals beginJuly 28.

Circle Theatre is a member of the Equity Membership Candidacy program.

Directors: Steven Pounders (The Other Place), Harry Parker (Hope and Gravity), and Robin Armstrong (Stella and Lou).
· EPA Rules are in effect.
· A monitor will

notbe provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Call817.877.3040or visit the link below to sign up -[UNIQID]
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


The Other Place
Juliana Smithton is an intelligent and successful neurologist whose life is coming apart. Her husband filed for divorce, her daughter eloped with a much older man and her own health is uncertain. In this brilliantly crafted script, nothing is as it seems. Piece by piece, a mystery unfolds as fact blurs with fiction, past collides with present, and the elusive truth finally surfaces. From beginning to end, The Other Place is compelling, heartbreaking, terrifying, and haunting.

JULIANA – a sharply charismatic scientist, 40’s - 50’s

IAN – Juliana’s husband, an oncologist, 50’s

THE WOMAN – portrays Dr. Cindy Teller, a neurbiologist; Laurel, Juliana and Ian’s daughter; and a woman, late 20’s - early 30’s

THE MAN – portrays Richard Sillner and Bobby, a nurse, late 30’s

Hope and Gravity
Just as an elevator starts and stops on random floors, nine different stories are connected by a simple twist of fate. This nonlinear play travels backward and forward in time as each character experiences the highs and lows of relationships and chance encounters. Their universal quest for life, love and happiness results in both comedy and tragedy. As the play draws to its inevitable closing, two strangers must decide whether or not to risk taking a momentous leap of faith.

MARTY – man, 40's-50's

DOUGLAS – man, 40's-50's

PETER – man, 30's-40's

HAL – man, 30's-40's

TANYA – woman, 30's-40's

NAN – woman, 30's-40's

STEVE – man, 20's

JILL – woman, 20's

BARB – woman, 20's

Stella & Lou
This romantic comedy proposes that a second chance at love is still possible, even for two people with a lot of miles on them. Lou is just about to close up his bar for the night when Stella, one of his favorite regulars, walks in. The two friends are sharing their usual comfortable conversation, when Stella suddenly reveals an unexpected surprise and even more startling suggestion. As the two deal with the difficult decisions they now face, they reflect on their pasts and look ahead to the future. In Stella & Lou, playwright Bruce Graham examines "the human condition" with a kind heart and a gentle sense of humor.

LOU – the owner of the bar, 50's-60's

STELLA – a nurse at a crossroads in her life, 40's-60’s

DONNIE – soon to be married, needs to lose a few pounds, 30’s

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