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CHOIR BOY **Updated** - Marin Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: July 11, 2014

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Choir Boy - West Coast Photo/Resume Request

Marin Theatre Company|Mill Valley, CA

Send To
Marin Theatre Company
397 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley CA94941


LORT Non-Rep
LORT D Minimum $618/wk

West coast submissions ONLY. East coast auditions will be held at a later date.

Other Dates
Invited auditions scheduled for July 15 & 17 at Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley, CA
1st rehearsal: May 5, 2015
1st tech: May 30, 2015
1st preview: June 4, 2015
Opening: June 9, 2015
Closing: June 28, 2015

Casting Director: Meg Pearson

Please put CHOIR BOY in subject line of your email.


PHARUS. Male, African American, over 18 to play a teenager. A bright incandescent and soulful young man of burning intelligence, wit, energy and a larger than life personality. A natural leader in many ways, outgoing, charming, confident, polite but also dynamic and undeniably flamboyant in a contemporary afro-centric urban gay manner. MUST BE A SUPERB SOLOIST and SINGER WITH A GREAT RANGE and capable of GOSPEL RIFF/MELISMA performed EFFORTLESSLY. He is a new millenium kind of young African American man and he is comfortable in who he is as a gay man, a man of faith and a black man. He sees nothing but a bright future for himself. The sky is the limit. Brief nudity required.

AJ. Male, African American, over 18 to play a teenager. A natural and easy presence. Must be believably from the South/Southeastern United States. Ideally seeking a Southern actor but will consider all. Should have an athletic prowess/build and feel like a natural leader by default. Could be a track star or basketball student. Charming, easy going, can be goofy but is extremely well rounded. Quieter than Pharus but well liked and respected by all. He is sensitive and responsive and totally comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is, is a loyal and compassionate friend. Should be an EXCELLENT ACTOR and a STRONG SINGER although does not have to be a strong soloist. He is the quiet strength of the group. Brief nudity required.

DAVID. Male, African American, over 18 to play a teenager. An extremely quiet, well behaved young man who is interested in following the rules. Conservative and seemingly safe but underneath the surface there are many layers of complexity and turmoil. The kind of actor who the more you watch, the more you think, that young man has a secret... Seeming still waters are in fact very troubled and the trouble runs deep. He is finally sensitive and very emotional and this should come as a surprise! Requires a handsome actor able to communicate a great deal in the silences and finally, MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE A DEEP RANGE OF FEELING AND EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY WHILE SINGING! SHOULD BE AN EXTREMELY STRONG POP/R and B SINGER, who can ACT A SONG VERY WELL. Bried nudity required.

BOBBY: Male, African American, over 18 to play a teenager. A hyper masculine, overt, overcompensating young man of athletic build, possibly a line backer on the football team, or a wrestler. The physical type is less important thatn the personality. He is by no means stupid but he has a chip on his shoulder and has chosen to move through his life leading with brute force and blunt, blurting bravado. He is the nephew of the headmaster and feels alternately entitled and encumbered by the nepotism. He is extremely threatened by Pharus's talent, intelligence, popularity and his open sexuality. A good singer but does not have to be the strongest soloist. He should be a radically different physical type from JR. and have a good sense of comic timing/relationship with that character, although in many ways BOBBY is the straight man of the duo, in comic parlance. Brief nudity required.

JR. Male, African American, over 18 to play a teenager. A smart and charming young man, a little less secure in himself than the others by virtue of age and or physical stature. HE SHOULD LOOK THE YOUNGEST. His voice is changing so he is maturing and very much in puberty. He is companion and best friend to BOBBY but in his own way is quietly smarter and does eventually display some savvy of his own. Ideally a very different physical type than BOBBY and ideally a BASS BARITONE vocally so that the changing and maturity of voice might be highlighted in the choral singing. Should have excellent natural comic timing and ability. More a group singer than featured soloist. Brief nudity required.

MR. PENDLETON. Male, 50s - 60s. A world weary, eccentric former teacher, recently come out of retirement and returning to the Drew classrooms. IDEALLY JEWISH AMERICAN but all actors will be considered. We should believe that he spent his young college years as a Freedom Rider in the Civil Rights movement and that he was in Birmingham Selma and sat at lunch counters... He is a man of deep passionate convictions whose life has been dedicated to fairness, education equality and compassion. The lack of care, brotherhood and respect, or any act of cruelty canmake him physically ill. Requires an actor of complexity and passion but also of great eccentric almost improvisational comic abilities. THE TEXT IS SCRIPTED but we should feel that he is inventing the lessons and the scenes right on the spot in the moment out of his deep desire to connect with other human beings, particularly his care for these young men.

HEADMASTER MORROW: Male, African American, late 30s - early 50s. An imposing, charismatic highly professional African American educator. The age is less important than the balance of strict disciplinarian with the deeply committed and invested educator who is dedicated to the education of young black men and is challenged by a millennial like Pharus for whom none of the old rules seem to apply. He is man of compassion, conscience and soul who is often at professional and personal crossroads, attempting to sustain the viability of his institution and serve a student population he may or may not fully understand anymore. SHOULD BE AN EXCELLENT SOLOIST QUALITY SINGER OF GOSPEL and/or THE NEGRO SPIRITUAL IN THE MOST SOULFUL MANNER.

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