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BROADWAY SACRAMENTO 2019 SEASON - Broadway Sacramento Auditions

Posted: February 6, 2019

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Broadway Sacramento 2019 Season - Sacramento EPA
Broadway Sacramento


Fri, Mar 08, 2019
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm (PST)


Auditions will be held by appointment only. For an appointment call: 916-446-5880 ext 117 on Wednesday, Feb 20 - Friday, Feb 22, 1pm - 5pm only.


Special Agreement Minimum - $1095/wk


See breakdown. Equity performers of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
Sacramento Music Circus actively solicits women and minorities for non-traditional casting opportunities.


Please prepare a brief musical theatre song appropriate for the season. Singing material from the shows listed is acceptable and encouraged. Please bring sheet music in your key. An accompanist will be provided.


CLARA Studios
2420 N St
Sacramento, CA 95816
Studio 135, parking lot accessible on O street between 24th and 25th street


President & CEO - Richard Lewis
Producing Artistic Director - Scott Klier
Artistic Consultant - Glenn Casale
Music Supervisor - Dennis Castellano


See breakdown. There are 8 performances in each playing week.
Please note the changes to the rehearsal and performance schedules compared to previous Music Circus seasons.


All stage management positions are filled at this time.
An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of audition.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


Shrek The Musical

Director: Glenn Casale
Choreographer: Robbie Roby
Rehearsals Begin: Week of May 27, 2019. Performances: June 11 – June 16, 2019

SHREK: 30-40. A green ogre, Shrek is happy to live his life alone. When his swamp is overrun with banished Fairytale creatures, he goes on a journey to rescue Princess Fiona in exchange for the restoration of his solitude. Cranky, gross, and guarded, Shrek eventually learns to accept friendship, love, and himself. Sings “Who I’d Be,” “When Words Fail,” and “Build A Wall,” high baritone (A2 – G#4).
PRINCESS FIONA: 25-35. Locked away in a tower, Fiona longs to be rescued by her prince when Shrek and Donkey show up to deliver her to Lord Farquaad. Quirky, blunt, and beautiful, Fiona has a secret that she is afraid to reveal. Through her journey with Shrek and Donkey, she finds her true self and true love: Shrek. Sings “I Know It’s Today,” “This is How a Dream Comes True” and “Morning Person!” mezzo-soprano with belt (F3 – F#5).
DONKEY: 25-35. Big-hearted Donkey is the ultimate sidekick (Despite his incessant chatter). Donkey invites himself to join the journey to rescue Princess Fiona, eventually winning Shrek’s friendship. Ever energetic and quick with a quip, he is happy to make jokes at anyone’s expense (including his own). Must be an excellent comedian. Sings “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Forever,” and “Travel Song,” tenor (C#3 – B4).
LORD FARQUAAD: 35-45.Arrogant and egotistical, Lord Farquaad suffers from a serious Napoleon complex. Desperate to become King of Duloc, he must marry Princess Fiona to overcome his shortcomings and qualify for the throne. A judgmental, pint-sized perfectionist, he likes the kind of social order that can only be found in a good choreographed dance number. Sings “What’s Up, Duloc?” and “The Ballad of Farquaad,” high baritone (B2 – G4).
PINOCCHIO: 25-30. Self-appointed spokesperson of Duloc’s banished Fairytale characters, Pinocchio is a wooden marionette that wants to be a real boy. His problem with telling the truth is as clear as the nose on his face. Sassy and angry, he eventually comes to accept himself and peers, and fights back against the oppressive Farquaad regime. Sings “Story of My Life” and “Freak Flag,” male falsetto (E4 – F#4).


Director: Linda Goodrich
Choreographer: TBD
Rehearsals Begin:Week of June 10, 2019. Performances:June 25 – June 30, 2019

CURLY: 20-30.A rugged and confident cowboy, Curly is the most handsome man in the county and knows it. His ego prevents him from confessing his affection for Laurey until Jud’s threats prompt him to exchange all he owns for love. Sings “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top,” and “People Will Say We’re in Love,” high baritone (C#3 – F#4).
LAUREY: 20-30. Smart and defiant, Laurey is an independent farm girl transitioning into womanhood. Raised by her Aunt Eller, Laurey is caught between her love of the aloof Curly and the unwanted solicitations of her farmhand, Jud. Sings “Many a New Day,” and “People Will Say We’re in Love,” soprano (D4 – A5).
AUNT ELLER: 50-65. Strong yet sweet, Aunt Eller is the town’s matriarch and loving guardian of her niece, Laurey. Both grounded and optimistic, the stalwart Eller has no appetite for idleness or airs. Sings in “The Farmer and the Cowman,”alto (F3 – F4).
ADO ANNIE: Mid-20s. Ado Annie is unapologetic and carefree about what she wants, and what she wants is a husband. Ever the good time gal, Ado Annie can’t decide between the overtures of sweet-talking salesman, Ali Hakim, or simple, hometown cowboy, Will Parker. Sings in “I Cain’t Say No” and “All Er Nothin’,” mezzo-soprano with belt (C4 – E5).
WILL PARKER: Late 20’s. Will Parker’s agility begins and ends in the rodeo ring. Strong and enthusiastic, what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in good-natured charm. Neither Ali Hakim or Pop Carnes can keep Will away from the apple of his eye, Ado Annie. Sings in “Kansas City” and “All Er Nothin’,” baritone (D3 – F4).
ALI HAKIM: 30-40.A somewhat exotic and silver-tongued traveling salesman, Ali Hakim has swept Ado Annie off her feet. The kind of guy with a girl in every town, he scrambles to dodge Ado’s affections and her father’s shotgun, and resume his Casanova-esque exploits. Baritone (D3 – D4).
JUD: 30s. An outsider, Jud is the hired hand on Laurey and Aunt Eller’s farm. His romantic interest in Laurey is unwelcome, as his intense, brooding nature scares her. Jud’s darkest inclinations are exposed by Curly’s challenge and Laurey’s rejection. Sings, “Pore Jud is Daid” and “Lonely Room,” baritone (D3 – C#4).
CORD ELAM: 40-50. Cord is the Federal Marshall in town and oversees Curly’s trial. Inexperienced in exercising his authority, he is quickly sidestepped by Aunt Eller and Andrew Carnes.
IKE SKIDMORE: 40-50. One of the town elders, Ike owns the ranch where the Box Social takes place. Sings in “Oklahoma.”
ANDREW ‘PAPA’ CARNES: 50-60. Protective father and farmer, Carnes is convinced cowman Will Parker doesn’t deserve his daughter, Ado Annie. Traveling salesman Ali Hakim, by comparison, seems to be a far better choice, but requires some convincing with a nudge from Carnes’ shotgun. Sings in “The Farmer and the Cowboy,” baritone (F3 – F4).

The Drowsy Chaperone

Director: Glenn Casale
Choreographer: John MacInnis
Rehearsals Begin:Week of June 24, 2019. Performances: July 9 – July 14, 2019

MAN IN CHAIR: 40s. The Man is a shy recluse with a touch of the blues. To cheer himself, he turns to the only remedy he knows: Playing one of his favorite musical records, The Drowsy Chaperone, and narrating along with his unique insights and color commentary. He is a great, albeit opinionated, storyteller with a very matter-of-fact demeanor and dry sense of humor. Sings “As We Stumble Along,” baritone (G2 – C4).
MRS. TOTTENDALE: 45-60. Mrs. Tottendale, a wealthy and somewhat clueless widow, is hosting the wedding of young socialites Janet and Robert at her estate. Eccentric, absent-minded, and sweetly disposed toward making bad analogies and horrible puns. Must move well. Sings “Fancy Dress” and “Love Is Always Lovely,” alto (F3 – Db5).
UNDERLING: 50s. Loyal and patient, the Underling manages Mrs. Tottendale’s house and her. He is always ready with a compliment for his boss because he is in love with her. He is your typical British manservant with a stoic presence, dry humor, and sarcastic tone. Tap dancer. Sings “Fancy Dress” and “Love is Always Lovely,” high baritone (Ab2 – Gb4).
JANET VAN DE GRAAF: 30s.Headliner of the Feldzieg Follies, Janet has decided to leave stardom for married life with Robert Martin. The always beautiful, center of attention Janet struggles with her choice, but eventually acquiesces to a life offstage. Must be a strong dancer. Sings “Show Off,” “Accident Waiting to Happen,” and “Bride’s Lament,” mezzo-soprano with belt (Ab3 – F5).
ROBERT MARTIN: 30-40.Robert is the traditional matinee idol: handsome, debonair, and a little slow on the uptake. He is always cheerful, bright, and in love with Janet. Must be a strong dancer who taps and roller skates. Sings, “Seize The Day,” and “Watch What Happens,” tenor (A2 – Ab4).
GEORGE: 30-40.George is Robert’s best man, loyal friend, and stereotypical sidekick. George, having planned the entire wedding affair, nervously frets over every last event detail. Must be a strong tap dancer. Sings “Cold Feets,” tenor (A2 – Bb4).
FELDZIEG: 40-50. The producer of the Feldzieg Follies, Feldzieg is worried about losing his star, Janet. He will do anything to stop her wedding, even putting into motion a plan of his own. He is nervous, excitable and impatient. Must move well. Sings, “Fancy Dress,” and “Toledo Surprise,” baritone (C3 – F4).
KITTY: 25-35. A typical ditzy, 1920’s blonde chorus girl, Kitty is Feldzieg’s companion to the wedding. Her delusions of grandeur have her convinced that she’s the best candidate to replace Janet as the star of the Follies. Strong dancer. Sings, “Toledo Surprise,” and “Message from A Nightingale,” alto (Bb3 – Db5).
GANGSTER #1 & #2: 30-40. The gangsters are two brothers posing as pastry chefs. They are the stereo-typical 1920’s Broadway gangsters, complete with accents, puns, and physical gags. Both must have solid comedic timing and be strong dancers. Sing, “Toledo Surprise,” tenors (Bb2 – Gb4).
ALDOLPHO: 40s. A Latin Lover of ladies and adult libations, Aldolpho has no problem reminding you of his qualities. His narcissism makes him both a swaggering lothario and exaggerated buffoon. He is a sillier version of Rudolph Valentino with a vaudeville style of acting and a fake Spanish/Italian accent. Must move well. Sings, “Aldolpho,” high baritone (A#2 – G4).
THE DROWSY CHAPERONE: 40-50. The ultimate diva, the Chaperone is Janet’s alcoholic confidante. She is a woman of broad life experience that cares little of what other’s think of her. Melodramatic and over-the-top, she chews the scenery and steals every scene. Great comedic timing is necessary and must move well. Sings, “As We Stumble Along,” “Aldolpho,” and “Message From a Nightingale,” alto (F3 – E5).
TRIX: 35-45. A pioneering pilot, Trix commands attention with her brave aerial feats and big Broadway-style belt. She’s a take-charge gal and presides over the wedding. Must move well. Sings, “I Do I Do In the Sky,” alto (F#3 – D5).

Guys and Dolls

Director: Charles Repole
Choreographer: Michael Lichtefeld
Rehearsals Begin:Week of July 8, 2019. Performances: July 23 – July 28, 2019

SKY MASTERSON: 30-45.Sky is your quintessential slick Broadway gambler. He is suave, smart, and handsome, and his luck never runs out. He can handle himself in any situation until he falls for Sarah Brown. Despite his moral failings, he is charming and likable. Sings “I’ll Know,” “My Time of Day,” and “Luck Be A Lady,” baritone (Bb2 – Eb4).
SARAH BROWN: 20-30.Sarah is the pretty Sergeant of Arms of the local Save-A-Soul Mission. She is idealistic and believes she can convert the gambling sinners of Runyonland with her kind-heart and good will. Straitlaced and sheltered, she also has a hidden adventurous spirit that’s exposed when she falls for Sky. Sings “I’ll Know,” “If I Were A Bell,” and “Marry the Man Today,” soprano (Bb3 – Ab5).
NATHAN DETROIT: 35-45.A good-hearted opportunist, the ever-gambling Nathan Detroit runs the Runyonland crap game. An underworld workaholic, his devotion to the game prevents him from making an honest woman out of his beloved Adelaide. Nathan is a lovable, funny rogue, perpetually chasing the next great take. Great comedic timing is essential. Sings “The Oldest Established,” “Sue Me,” and “Happy Ending,” baritone (D3 – F4).
MISS ADELAIDE: 30-40. The lead performer at the Hot Box nightclub, Adelaide’s only aspiration is to marry Nathan Detroit. Obsessed with fulfilling the false promises she’s made her mother, she has literally worried herself sick. Despite her cold, Adelaide is stubborn and won’t rest until she and Nathan have settled down. Sings “Bushel and A Peck,” “Adelaide’s Lament,” and “Marry the Man Today” among others, alto (Ab3 – Eb5).
NICELY-NICELY JOHNSON: 35-45. Just like his name suggests, Nicely-Nicely is the nicest gambler of Runyonland. Perpetually enthusiastic, always genuine and oftentimes naïve, Nicely is Nathan’s best and loyal friend. He should have great comedic timing. Sings, “Fugue For Tinhorns,” and “Guys and Dolls,” baritone (D3 – D4).
BENNY SOUTHSTREET: 35-45. Often paired with Nicely in their misadventures, Benny is another of Nathan’s right hand men. He can be a little brash and is farther down the pecking order among his gambling buddies. A great comedian is necessary. Sings ““Fugue For Tinhorns,” and “Guys and Dolls,” tenor (Db3 – G4).
ARVIDE ABERNATHY: 60s. Sarah’s grandfather and fellow missionary, he cares for her deeply and wants the best for her. A warm, soft soul, Arvide sees the best in everyone, at the expense of being a bit gullible. He plays the bass drum in the Save-A-Soul Mission band. Sings, “More I Cannot Wish You,” baritone (D3 – D4).
LT. BRANNIGAN: 40-50. A New York City Police Officer, the hard-nosed, no nonsense Brannigan is on the Runyonland beat and hell bent on catching Nathan Detroit and his gambling cohorts in the act.
BIG JULE: 40-50.A Chicago gambler of significant size (Literally and figuratively), Big Jule towers over every crap game in his quest to win. He rolls into Runyonland to score big, and won’t allow the game to end until he does.
HARRY THE HORSE: 35-45. Sidekick and mouthpiece to Big Jule, Harry is complicit and aids in his cheating. Among gamblers, he is a man of his word… As long as it serves him or his.
ANGIE THE OX: 40s. Another of Nathan’s gambling cronies, Angie’s nickname has origins in his physical attributes.
GENERAL CARTWRIGHT: 50-60. A formidable force, General Matilda B. Cartwright is the regional director of the Save-A-Soul Mission. She is authoritative by the book but reveals a softer side when inspired by Nicely’s confession. Sings in “Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.”

The Wiz

Director: Glenn Casale
Choreographer: Gerry McIntyre
Rehearsals Begin:Week of July 22, 2019. Performances: August 6 – August 11, 2019

DOROTHY: Late teens, early 20’s. Wide-eyed Dorothy’s youthful defiance exasperates her loving Aunt Em. When a tornado whisks her off to the Land of Oz, Dorothy realizes how much she misses her family and Kansas. She journeys home down the Yellow Brick Road, where along the way she meets and befriends the Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion. All four seek solutions from the Wiz, only to learn that the answers to life’s questions come from within. Must be a strong mover. Sings extensively throughout, including “Soon As I Get Home,” “Ease on Down the Road,” “Be A Lion,” and “Home,” (G3 – G5) high belt.
SCARECROW: 25-35.Stuck on a pole in a cornfield along the Yellow Brick Road, all the Scarecrow wants is to be free and get a brain. Dorothy’s first real friend in Oz, he journeys with her to learn that his hay-stuffed head has nothing to do with his inherent, undeniable intelligence. Must be a strong mover and agile physical performer.Sings, “ I Was Born on the Day Before Yesterday,” and “Ease on Down the Road,” tenor (A2 – A4).
TINMAN: 30-40.A witch’s curse has left the Tinman a heap of hollow metal and without a heart. He joins Dorothy to see the Wiz, in the hope of getting a heart and feeling human again. With his axe at the ready, Tinman bravely defends his friends after his oiled joints allow him to move. Must tap dance. Sings “Slide Some Oil To Me,” and “What Would I Do If I Could Feel,” tenor (C3 – A4).
LION: 35-45. The last of Dorothy’s friends met on the Yellow Brick Road, the Lion defies all stereotypes when the King of the Jungle is exposed as a scaredy-cat. He joins the journey to Oz in pursuit of some courage. Through his new friendships, the Lion learns to face his fears and muster his inner strength. Must be a strong mover. Sings “(I’m a) Mean Ole Lion,” and “Be A Lion,” high baritone (G2 – Bb4).
ADDAPERLE: 35-45.The Good Witch of the North, Addaperle is flashy, scatterbrained, and bad at magic. She is good at advice and knows more than she lets on. Addaperle fits Dorothy in the Wicked Witch of the East’s magical silver slippers and sends her on her way down the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wiz. Sings, “He’s the Wiz,”alto (F3 – C5).
THE WIZ: 35-45. The Wiz is the all-powerful leader of Oz, who Dorothy and her friends believe can grant their wishes. A conman, the Wiz is originally from Nebraska and landed in Oz randomly just like Dorothy. He eventually leaves Oz when he realizes being all-powerful is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Sings, “So You Wanted to Meet the Wizard,” and “Y’All Got It?,” tenor (C3 – A4).
EVILLENE: 35-45.Evillene, the Wicked Witch of the West, redefines mean and has a belting voice to match. She is irritable, demanding, and afraid of water. Evillene keeps the Winkies as her slaves and kidnaps Dorothy and her friends so that she can get back her sister’s silver slippers. Sings “No Bad News,” alto (G3 – Db4).
GLINDA: 30-40.The Good Witch of the South, Glinda arrives just in time to help Dorothy get home. Beautiful and reassuring, Glinda puts others at ease with her calming nature, power, and wisdom. Sings “A Rested Body,” and “If You Believe (Reprise),” alto (F3 – D5).

In the Heights

Director: Marcos Santana
Choreographer: TBD
Rehearsals Begin:Week of August 5, 2019. Performances: August 20 – August 25, 2019

USNAVI: 25-35.Usnavi lives in Washington Heights and runs his deceased parent’s Bodega. Raised by Abuela Claudia, he longs to return to the Dominican Republic. Usnavi is always looking out for others but has bigger aspirations. He longs for Vanessa but has a hard time showing his true feelings. After coming into some money, he decides to return to the DR until he finally realizes Washington Heights is home. He speaks Spanish and rapping ability necessary. Sings “In the Heights,”“96,000,” and “Hundreds of Stories,” high baritone (A2 – A4).
NINA: 20-25.Brilliant and hardworking, Nina’s first year at Stanford left her humbled and unsure of herself. The pride of the neighborhood, Nina tells no one that she is not returning to college. While home, she reconnects with Benny and the two quickly fall for each other, causing her parents, Kevin and Camilla, concern. Nina eventually regains her confident spirit and agrees to return to college after her father sells his Taxi company to pay for her education. Speaks Spanish. Sings “Breathe,” “When Your Home,” and “Everything I Know,” mezzo-soprano with belt (F3 – F5).
BENNY: 20-30. A good kid from the neighborhood, Benny is Usnavi’s best friend and, as a good wingman, helps him score a date with Vanessa. He has worked for Kevin and Camilla at Rosario’s Taxi Service since he was a young man and is considered a part of the family until he begins dating their daughter, Nina. She and Benny begin a relationship that threatens his job and eventually pushes him to start his own business. Sings, “When You’re Home,” “Sunrise,” and “When the Sun Goes Down,” high baritone (Bb2 – Ab4).
VANESSA: 20-25. An ambitious dreamer, Vanessa works at Daniela’s salon to save enough money to leave the barrio and move downtown. Unfortunately, life and her alcoholic mother keep dragging her down. She is beautiful and all the boys want her, but Vanessa just wants to be treated with respect. Her reciprocation of Usnavi’s interest is overlooked due to his insecurity. Speaks Spanish. Sings “It Won’t Be Long Now,” and “Champagne,” high belt (F#3 – E5).
ABUELA CLAUDIA: 55-65. A Cuban immigrant, Claudia and her mother came to the U.S. to find work and a better life, but only found the former. Claudia is the beloved neighborhood matriarch, and takes care of everyone with compassion, wisdom and devotion. When Claudia wins the lottery, her dream of returning home becomes a reality but it may be too late. Speaks Spanish. Sings “Paciencia y Fe,” and “Hundreds of Stories,” alto (Eb3 – C5).
SONNY: Late teens. Usnavi’s younger cousin, Sonny was also raised by Claudia. He is young and a smart aleck, who always has the perfect dry quip to match any situation. Dominican by birth, Sonny is tough and street-smart but also cares deeply about his loved-ones and the neighborhood. Speaks Spanish. Sings in “96,000” and “It Won’t Be Long Now,” tenor (A3 – Bb4).
KEVIN: 40-50. Kevin is the Puerto Rican owner of Rosario’s Taxi Dispatch, which he runs with his wife Camila. He is hard working and overprotective of his daughter, Nina. Kevin is very proud and has made many sacrifices for his family but he makes the largest one when he finds his daughter unable to afford college. Sings, “Inútil,” and “Atención,” baritone (C3 – F4).
CAMILA: 40-50. Camila is the strong-willed wife and business partner to Kevin, and mother to Nina. She typically defers to Kevin, but steps up to voice her opinion when their family’s future is in on the line. Speaks Spanish. Sings, “Enough,” alto (G3 – D5).
DANIELA: 35-45. Daniela is the Puerto Rican owner of the neighborhood salon and gets her chisme and coffee every morning from Usnavi’s bodega. She knows everything that is going on in the barrio. Her tough-as-painted-nails exterior disguises the generous spirit revealed in her support of employee Vanessa. Speaks Spanish. Sings “No Me Diga” and “Carnaval del Barrio,” alto (A3 – C5).
CARLA: 25-35. Carla is Daniela’s good friend and right hand in the beauty shop. She is upbeat and a bit dense, in addition to being very sweet and religious. Speaks Spanish. Sings, “No Me Diga,” and “Carnaval del Barrio,” alto (A3 – D5).
GRAFFITI PETE: 20-30. Pete is the local barrio graffiti artist. He lives in the shadows in order to practice his larger than life art. It’s later revealed that his heart is equally as large. Break-dancing ability necessary. Baritone (A3 – D4).

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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