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BARTER THEATRE 2018 SEASON - Barter Theatre Auditions

Posted: November 2, 2017

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Barter Theatre 2018 Season - VA EPA / Dancing Auditions
Barter Theatre

**This notice was revised on 11/02/2017. Updated casting personnel expected to attend and updated breakdown**


Sun, Dec 03, 2017
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (EDT)


AEA members: email with name, telephone number, email address, the exact time and day you would like to audition, and whether you will be attending the dance call. Indicate your AEA status. (If you do not have internet access, call 276-619-5405 & leave the same information.) AEA members without appointments seen as time permits.


LORT Rep $656/week current min


Equity dancers for various roles in the upcoming 2018 Season.

Theatre Statement: Anyone interested in the Resident Company or any musical, is encouraged to attend the movement/dance auditions, even if you do not consider yourself to be a dancer.


The movement/dance audition site will be open half an hour before the scheduled audition time on each day for warm-up and changing. Be prepared to stay through the entire movement/dance audition time. Wear shoes and clothing appropriate for a dance audition. Teaching of the first dance combination will begin promptly at 1pm each day. The movement/dance auditions will be broken down into two levels: Choreographed movement/dance: EVERYONE ATTENDING THE DANCE AUDITIONS WILL DO THIS COMBINATION after which we will ask the more experienced dancers to stay and learn a second combination. Dance combination for dancers, including Actor/Singers who also consider themselves dancers. Only those requested to do the second combination will learn it. If you are a dancer who plans to attend the movement/dance auditions but do not plan to attend the acting/singing auditions, that is OK, but please inform the audition monitor.
Please bring THREE (3) copies of your picture and resume.


Barter Production Building
271 Barter Dr
Abingdon, VA 24210


Expected to be in attendance at the EPA: Amanda Aldridge, Resident Choreographer; Katy Brown, Associate Artistic Director


Abingdon is approximately six hours from Washington, D.C. and ten hours from NYC by auto. The nearest airport is Tri-Cities which is a forty minute drive from Abingdon.


Important General Audition NOTE: While EMCs and adult non-Equity actors may be seen as time permits at these auditions, the theatre will NOT see any non-Equity actors under the age of 18 at these auditions. Only AEA performers under the age of 18 will be able to attend these auditions. Separate auditions may be held at a later date for performers under 18 years of age.
An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


2018 Season
SEEKING: Year-round, Resident Company Members: Most members of our resident company sing and dance; for these auditions, we highly encourage you to sing and attend the movement auditions in addition to acting if you are interested in becoming a member of the resident company. Also seeking Local and Non-Local Jobbers for roles for a single show or a single repertory, and actors for six readings and staged productions during the Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights.

Rehearsals for most plays begin approximately six – eight weeks before they open. Most Actors tend to participate in two productions during the same repertory.

NOTE: Seeking actors for the following productions and roles. For shows/roles that have already been CAST by the theatre’s resident acting company, actors auditioning will also be considered for possible future replacements if needed.

The dates following each show are the dates of performance. Rehearsals begin 6-8 weeks before performances.

Barter Stage II
by Katie Forgette
Dates: February 8, 2018 to March 31, 2018
-Kevin – male, 20-35
-Beatrice “Judy” Hart – female, 60’s-70’s
-Wally Carmichael – male, 60’s-70’s
-Nurse Claudia – female, 30-50
-Mitzi Kramer – female, 60’s-70’s
-Joe Taylor – male, 60s-70’s
-Stan – male, 20’s-40’s

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Music, Book & Story by Steve Martin
Music, Lyrics & Story by Edie Brickell
Dates: February 22, 2018 to March 31, 2018
-Alice Murphy – female, 20’s-40’s, mezzo-soprano
-Billy Cane – male, 20’s-40’s, tenor
-Daddy Cane – male, 40’s-60’s, tenor
-Darryl Ames – male, 20’s-40’s, tenor/baritone
-Lucy Grant – female, 20’s-30’s, soprano
-Margo Crawford – female, 20’s, soprano
-Mama Murphy – female, 40’s-60’s, mezzo-soprano
-Daddy Murphy – male, 40’s-60’s baritone
-Jimmy Ray Dobbs – male, 20-40’s, tenor
-Mayor Josiah Dobbs – male, 40’s-60’s, baritone
-Stanford Adams – male, 40’s, baritone
-Florence – female, 20’s-30’s, alto
-Edna – female, 20’s, soprano
-Max – male, 20’s
-Dr. Norquist – male, 40’s-60’s
-County Clerk – female, 30’s-40’s

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Adapted by Matt Pelfry from John Ball’s novel
Dates: April 7, 2018 to May 12, 2018
-Chief Gillespie – male, 50’s
-Virgil Tibbs – African-American male, 30’s
-Sam Wood – male, late 20’s
-Noreen Purdy – female, early 20’s
-Pete/Man in Shadows/Klansman 1 – male, 30’s
-Harvey Oberst/Purdy/Klansman – male, 40’s
-Charles Tatum/Endicott/Al Jennings – male, 50
-Coroner/Mayor Schubert/Klansman – male, 50’s-60’s
-Erick Kaufman/Ralph/Klansman – male, 30’s
-Melanie Tatum – female, 20’s

Barter Stage II
by William Shakespeare
Dates: April 11, 2018 to May 11, 2018
-Richard, Duke of Gloucester – male or female, 30’s-40’s
-Clarence/Buckingham/Richmond/et al – male or female, 30’s-40’s
-Anne/Queen Margaret/Hastings – female, 20’s-40’s
-Stanley/Duchess of York/Murderer/Lord Mayor – male or female, 40’s-60’s
-Queen Elizabeth/Catesby/Keeper/et al – female, 40’s
-Rivers/Prince Edward/Brakenbury/et al – male or female, 20’s-30’s
-Dorset/Murderer/King Edward IV/et al – male or female, 40’s

Barter Stage II
by Audrey Cefaly
Dates: May 11, 2018 to July 1, 2018 (In repertory)
-Jack – male, 30’s-40’s, Southern
-Lizzy – female, 30’s-40’s, Southern

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Music by Alan MenkenLyrics by Glenn Slater
Book by Cheri Steinkellner and Bill Steinkellner
Additional Book material by Douglas Carter Beane
Dates: May 18, 2018 to August 11, 2018 (In repertory)
-Deloris Van Cartier – African-American female, mid 20’s- early 30’s, mezzo-soprano
-Mother Superior – female, 50’s-70’s, mezzo-soprano
-Sister Mary Robert – female, early 20’s, soprano
-Sister Mary Patrick – female, 35-50, mezzo-soprano/soprano
-Sister Mary Lazarus – female, 50’s-70’s, mezzo-soprano
-Monsignor O’Hara – male, 40’s-60’s, baritone
-Curtis Jackson – male, 30-40, baritone
-Eddy Souther – male, 25-40, tenor
-TJ – male, 20-30, tenor
-Joey – male, 30’s-40’s, tenor
-Pablo – male, 25-40’s, tenor
-Sister Mary Martin-Of-Tours – female, 40-60
-Sister Mary Therese – female, 60’s-70’s
-Michelle – female, 20’s- 30’s, mezzo-soprano
-Tina – female, 20’s-30’s, mezzo-soprano
-Ernie – male, 25-35

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
By Robert Harling
Dates: May 31, 2018 to August 11, 2018 (In repertory)
-Truvy Jones – female, 30’s-40’s
-Annelle-Dupuy-Desoto – female, early 20’s
-Clairee Belcher – female, 50’s-60’s
-Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie – female, early 20’s
-M’Lynn Eatenton – female, 40’s-50’s
-Ouiser Bourdreaux – female, 60’s-70’s

Barter Stage II
by Ross Carter
Dates: June 9, 2018 to August 12, 2018 (In repertory)
-Carly Speranza –female, 30’s, soprano - opera singer
-Kit McCandless – female, 30’s-40’s, mezzo-soprano – Carly’s agent
-Connor Duke –male, 30’s, baritone – country music star, Carly’s college sweetheart
-Ford Fairlane – male, 30’s-50’s, baritone – country band leader
-Dody – female, 30’s-50’s, lost her voice – Ford’s long-suffering girlfriend
-Billy Mac Wilson a.k.a. Beemer – male, 30’s, tenor – business manager for Ford’s band
-Jan Swaggart – female, 20’s-40’s, mezzo-soprano – domineering stage manager
-Art Flanagan/Car Man 3 – male, 30’s, tenor – radio host
-Car Man 1 – male, 20’s-40’s, baritone – part of a country band
-Car Man 2 – male, 20’s-40’s, baritone – part of a country band

Barter Stage II
by Matthew Fowler
Dates: June 28, 2018 to August 11, 2018 (In repertory)
-Garret – male, 50 – recently unemployed, doesn’t understand millennials
-Rachel – female, 21 – college student and Garrett’s neighbor
-Terry – male, 35 – Garrett’s much younger brother
-Morgan – female, 45 – Garrett’s wife, has her own public access channel
-Kid – male, 8 – Garrett’s inner child

AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ – The Fats Waller Musical Show
Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Music by Thomas “Fats” Waller
Conceived by Richard Maltby, Jr. and Murray Horwitz
Dates: August 17, 2018 to September 8, 2018
-Charlaine – African-American female, 20’s, mezzo-soprano
-Andre – African-American male, 30’s-40’s, baritone
-Ken – African-American male, 30’s-40’s, tenor
-Nell – African-American female, 30’s-40’s, alto
-Armelia – African-American female, 30’s-40’s, soprano

Barter Stage II
by Alice Stanley
Dates: September 6, 2018 to October 7, 2018 (In repertory)
This show is completely CAST.
-Sally McCoy – female, 50’s – matriarch of the McCoy clan
-Devil Anse Hatfield – male or female, 50’s – leader of the Hatfield clan
-Valentine Hatfield – male or female, 40’s – Anse’s brother
-Johnse Hatfield – male or female, 20’s – Anse’s son
-Cap Hatfield – male or female, 20’s – Anse’s son


Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Book by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Songs by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown
Based on the classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film by special arrangement with Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures
Dates: September 14, 2018 to November 1, 2018 (In repertory)
-Don Lockwood – male, 30’s-40’s, baritone – must tap
-Kathy Seldon – female, 20’s-30’s, mezzo-soprano – must tap
-Cosmo Brown – male, 30’s-40’s, tenor – must tap
-Lina Lamont – female, 30’s, mezzo-soprano
-R.F. Simpson – male, 50’s
-Rod/Cameraman/Gangster et al – male, 30’s-40’s
-Roscoe Dexter/Gangster et al – male, 30’s-40’s
-Zelda’s Husband/Workman/Sound Man et al – male, 30’s-40’s
-Dancer/Dora Bailey/Vocal Coach et al –female, 20’s-30’s
-Dancer/Zelda Zanders et al – female, 20’s-30’s
-Dancer/Hair Dresser/Gangster’s Moll et al – female, 20’s-30’s
-Dancer/Simpson’s Wife/Wardrobe Mistress et al – female, 30’s-40’s
-Dancer/Starlet et al –female, 20’s
-Dancer/Burlesque Dancer/Starlet/Ladyin Waiting et al –female, 20’s-30’s
-Dancer/Tango Dancer/Young Don/Asst. Director et al – male, 20’s – must tap
-Dancer/Young Cosmo/Stagehand/Asst. Director et al – male, 20’s – must tap
-Dancer/Stagehand/Asst. Director et al – male, 20’s

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Adapted from Charles Dickens by Catherine Bush
Dates: September 27, 2018 to November 10, 2018 (In repertory)
-Pip – male, 20’s
-Compeyson/Estella – female, 20’s
-Mrs. Joe/Biddy/Soldier #2 – female, 20’s-30’s
-Joe/Uncle Pumblechook/Bentley Drummle/Soldier #3 – male, 20’s-30’s
-Magwitch/Mr. Jaggers/Matthew Pocket/Father – male, 40’s-50’s
-Soldier #1/Miss Havisham/Herbert Pocket – male or female, 20’s
-Clara/Servant – female, 20’s

Barter Stage II
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Book by Marsha Norman
Based on the novel by Robert James Waller
Dates: October 4, 2018 to November 11, 2018 (In repertory)
-Francesca Johnson – female, late 30’s-early 40’s, soprano
-Robert Kincaid – male, 40-50, baritone
-Carolyn – female, 14, soprano
-Richard “Bud” Johnson – male, mid 40’s, baritone
-Michael – male, 16, tenor
-Marge – female, 45-60, alto
-Charlie – male, 60’s, bass
-Marian/Chiara – female, early 30’s, mezzo-soprano

Barter Stage II
by Frederick Knott, Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
Dates: October 12, 2018 to November 10, 2018 (In repertory)
-Susan Hendrix– female, 20’s-30’s – recently blinded in an accident
-Sam Hendrix – male, 30’s – Susan’s husband, a photographer
-Mike Talman– male, 30’s-40’s – Sam’s friend from the war
-Carlino – male, 30’s-40’s - criminal
-Harry Roat – male, 30’s-40’s - criminal
-Gloria – female, 12-14 – Susan’s neighbor

Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre
Book by Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin
Music by Matthew SklarLyrics by Chad Beguelin
Based upon the New Line Cinema film written by David Berenbaum
Dates: November 16, 2018 to December 30, 2018
-Buddy – male, 20’s-30’s, tenor – human raised by elves
-Jovie – female, 20’s-30’s, mezzo-soprano – works as an elf at Gimbell’s
-Walter Hobbs – male, 50’s-60’s, tenor – Buddy’s father
-Emily Hobbs – female, 40’s-50’s, alto – Walter’s wife
-Michael Hobbs – male, 12 – Walter’s son
-Santa Claus – male, 50’s-60’s, baritone
-Mr. Greenway – male, 50’s-60’s, tenor – Walter’s boss
-Deb – female, 20’s-40’s, alto – Walter’s secretary
-Charlie – male, early 20’s – an elf at the North Pole
-Shawanda – female, 20’s – an elf at the North Pole

Barter Stage II
by Catherine Bush
Dates: November 20, 2018 to December 24, 2018
-Simon Peter Whitaker – male, 40’s – woodcarver, naive
-Eve Lawson – female, 40 – pharmaceutical rep, cynic

Barter Stage II
by David Sedaris
Adapted for the stage by Joe Mantello
Dates: November 28, 2018 to December 30, 2018
David – male, 33 – works as an elf at Macy’s

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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