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ASOLO REPERTORY THEATRE 2019-20 SEASON - Asolo Theatre Company Auditions

Posted: March 28, 2019

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Asolo Repertory Theatre 2019-20 Season - NYC EPA
Asolo Theatre Company


Tue, Apr 16, 2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (EDT)
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30


LORT Rep LORT B ($941/week minimum) and LORT D ($696/week minimum).


Equity actors and actor/singers for various roles in the upcoming season. See breakdown.

Some SM positions may be available. See separate notice on casting call for info.


Prepare EITHER: 1) one or two brief monologues totaling no more than 2 minutes; OR 2) two contrasting songs/cuts totaling no more than 2 minutes; OR 3) a one minute monologue and 16 bars of a song.

If singing, songs should be musical theatre, pop/rock, or gospel.
An accompanist is provided.

Please bring a copy of Head Shot and Résumé, stapled or copied together.


Pearl Studios NYC (500)
500 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018-6504


In attendance at EPA:
Casting Representatives: Celine Rosenthal, Associate Artistic Director
Claire Burke, Tara Rubin Casting, Casting Director


EPA Procedures are in effect for audition.
An Equity monitor will be provided.
Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.
Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.


2019-20 Season

Mertz Theatre (LORT B):

Music by Richard Rodgers, Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein
Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
Directed by Josh Rhodes
First Rehearsal: 10/8/19
First Preview: 11/13/19
Closing: 12/28/19
[CAPTAIN VON TRAPP]: Male, 30-59, strong actor, commanding presence, retired naval officer and proud Austrian. Highly organized and regimented, efficient and smart; baritone; principal.
[MARIA RAINER]: Female, 20-29, spirited, passionate and charming, though occasionally filled with self doubt, caring and committed; chest mix with strong head voice; principal.
[ELSA SCHRAEDER]: Female, 30-49, a wealthy widow, she is sophisticated, charming and clever; legit-mezzo range; A-E below high C; principal.
[MAX DETWEILLER]: Male, 40-59, witty and clever impresario who can be charmingly pushy when pursuing what he wants; strong character actor with good sense of comedy; baritone; principal.
[MOTHER ABBESS]: Female, 40-59, wise, kind and strong; powerful chest and head voice; mezzo or soprano (B-Ab); principal.
[LIESL VON TRAPP]: Female, 18+, to play 16; a teen on the verge of womanhood; innocent, naïve, and initially infatuated with Rolf. Chest mix with a head voice (low G-F#) and comfortable with dance; principal.
[ROLF GRUBER]: Male, 18+, to play 17, epitome of clean cut, athletic German youth; self important but pleasant, he can be somewhat aggressive; lyric baritone; must be a comfortable with dance; principal.
[HERR ZELLER/ENSEMBLE]:]: Male, 20-49 a staunch Nazi sympathizer and eventually a leader in the Nazi regime. This track understudies the role of Captain Von Trapp; principal.
[FRANZ/ENSEMBLE]: Male, 30-59 distant and efficient butler. This track understudies the role of Max Detweiller; principal.
[ADMIRAL VON SCHREIBER/ENSEMBLE]: Male, 40-59 a retired Admiral in the Austrian Navy and neighbor of Captain Von Trapp; principal.
[FRIEDRICH VON TRAPP]: Male, 14 unchanged voice; trying to be the ‘man’ of the family; quiet and gentlemanly; excellent singer; principal.
[LOUISA VON TRAPP]: Female, 13 initially mischievous, she eventually softens to Maria; excellent singer; principal.
[KURT VON TRAPP]: Male, 11 unchanged voice; inquisitive and adorable. He longs for love and attention from his father. Boy soprano with a high G; principal.
[BRIGITTA VON TRAPP]: Female, 10 intelligent, independent, bookish, and thoughtful. She is always honest and is not afraid to speak her mind. Excellent singer; principal.
[MARTA VON TRAPP]: Female, 7 sweet and gentle; principal.
[GRETL VON TRAPP]: Female, 6+, must be at least age 6 to audition; adorable and at first somewhat shy, but warms to Maria immediately; principal.

Adapted for the stage by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Peter Amster
First Rehearsal: 11/26/19
First Preview: 1/8/20
Closing: 3/12/20
[POIROT]: Male, 55-65, a famous Belgian detective; a "Big" personality; authoritative, witty, charismatic and slightly pompous; driven to find the answers, good or bad, with a strong moral sense; very aware of his ability and his well deserved reputation.
[BOUC]: Male, 30-59, a Belgian man of good humor; playful, proud, generous; a predilection for grandeur; a whirlwind of energy; must be an excellent comedian.
[RATCHETT/COL. ARBUTHNOT]: Male, 30-59, one actor will play two roles. Samuel Ratchett: middle-aged American businessman, evil at heart and frightening, brusque, unforgiving, stern demeanor; pushy, domineering. Colonel Arbuthnot: Scotsman, also middle aged, handsome, very matter of fact, occasionally tender; must have great comic timing.
[MICHEL/MARCEL]: Male, 35-65, one actor will play two roles. Michel: a good-looking Frenchman, about 40, a quiet, almost grave sense of humor; unfailingly polite. Marcel: a Turkish waiter, snooty, smooth; must have great comic timing.
[MARY DEBENHAM]: Female, 30-39, an English beauty; a governess, capable yet romantic; a sadness around her eyes and a hardness about her person.
[GRETA OHLSSON]: Female, 20-69, inherently odd, and very devout Swedish woman; a frightened, sheeplike quality; must be an excellent comedienne with an impeccable Swedish accent.
[COUNTESS ANDRENYI]: Female, 20-39, brilliantly beautiful, like something out of a fairytale; impeccably put together, with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets; her delicacy belies a steely edge: she is no wilting flower; Hungarian accent.
[MRS. HUBBARD]: Female, 40-69 an outspoken and flamboyant American from the Midwest; jovial, obnoxious, domineering, deliciously nosy and brash; unapologetic; must be an excellent comedienne.
[PRINCESS DRAGOMIROFF]: Female, 60-79, a Russian dowager; very formal, a sweeping, impressive presence; imperial, impatient.
[MACQUEEN]: Male, 30-35 tightly wound, edgy and nervous; he seems to always be on the verge of falling apart or coming unwound.

By Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell
Directed by Celine Rosenthal
First Rehearsal: 11/27/19
First Preview: 1/15/20
Closing: 3/1/20
[JIM]: Male, 23-29, A fact checker. Extremely high I.Q., utterly earnest, well-intentioned and tireless. Rules, protocols, algorithms and facts guide him in life. Confident but never arrogant.
[JOHN]: Male, 40-59, One of the world's greatest living essayists. Highly intelligent and often frustrated by what he views as trivial concerns -- "trivial," to him, meaning those things that are not in direct contact with beauty and the divine.
[EMILY]: Female, 40-65, Editor-in-Chief at a high-end Manhattan magazine. Possess a great ambition to couple cultural meaningfulness with commercial success. A tiger professionally, it’s all or nothing.

By George Brant
Directed by Laura Kepley
First Rehearsal: 1/11/20
First Preview: 2/12/20
Closing: 3/22/20
[MAGGIE DALTON]: Female, mid 40s, white. The talented if untested Director. Plays “The Chorus”. When her husband leaves for war, Maggie is left to take his place as the director of the ambitious Henriad. Emerging from her husband’s shadow, she leads her novice yet eager troupe with a strong vision and a giant heart. Empathic, passionate, and in-over-her-head.
[CELESTE FIELDING]: Female, 50’s, white. The diva. Plays Henry Fifth and Fourth. After years of being the leading lady at Oberon Play House, Celeste is inspired by the idea of playing a leading man for the first time. But when young new talent Grace is cast as Prince Henry, Celeste is resistant to take a back seat and play the older Henry Fourth. Headstrong, experienced, and regal.
[WINIFRED SNOW]: Female, 50s, white. An untalented but enthusiastic socialite. Plays Falstaff. Hilariously and painfully unfunny as Falstaff, Winifred is initially cast by Maggie to get her loving husband Ellsworth onboard. She’s trying her best.
[IDA GREEN]: Female, 30’s, black. The imaginative costume designer. Plays Hotspur The imaginative costume designer, plays Hotspur. After 10 years of devotion to Oberon Play House, Ida challenges her white colleagues to expand their hearts and minds and make room for others. Creative, bold, and quick as a whip.
[JUNE BENNETT]: Female, late teens/early 20s, white. The ingénue. Plays the Kates . Keen to do her part supporting the war at home, June is just as eager to be a part of the company. Bubbly, green, and patriotic.
[GRACE RICHARDS]: Female, 27-34, white. A raw talent. Plays Henry Fourth and Fifth. A raw talent, plays Henry Fourth and Fifth. Initially timid and easily flustered, Grace grows into her own as rehearsals progress, while her concern grows over the lack of letters from her enlisted husband.
[ELLSWORTH SNOW]: Male, 60s, white. The conservative Board President of the Oberon Play House. Frightened by progress and the possible reputational repercussions, Ellsworth cautions Maggie against proceeding with her gender-bent Henriad. He gets roped into supporting the production by his wife Winifred, whom he would move mountains for.
[STUART LASKER]: Male, 35-45. The quip-ready Stage Manager. Plays Mistress Quickly. Having been denied from being enlisted several times, he is eager to gender-bend in solidarity with the women who keep his sexuality a secret. Witty and always in Maggie’s corner.

Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Book adapted by Frank Galati
Director Frank Galati
First Rehearsal: 2/25/20
First Preview: 4/3/20
Closing: 4/25/20
[JAMES]: Male, 35-49, Lanky handsome country boy. Harvard man. Easy manner. Charismatic and a little brooding. A true poet and eloquent story-teller. Tremendous confidence. Hard-drinking writer and traveler. Plays guitar really well. Perhaps banjo and harmonica also. A keen sense of humor. Vocal range: Very strong “folk-style” baritone with a flexible top (B3 to E/F4)
[JAY FOLLET]: Male, 36, gentle and charismatic, extremely good-looking, family man with a law degree. His heavy drinking and repeated attempts to stay on the wagon are a sign of inner turbulence and restlessness. A man who lost his faith and lives in doubt, he loves his wife and son but is drawn to bars, all-night dives and “riding the rails.” Deeply sensitive and tender but charged with energy and power, he is described as having a magnificent physique but he is modest and loving. Vocal range: Very strong baritone with a flexible top (G2 to E/F4)
[RUFUS FOLLET]: Male, 6-10, an only child. Extremely smart and particularly sensitive to language and music. He has all the energy and curiosity of most boys his age but he feels uncomfortable because of his name and later excited by the notoriety his father’s death brings. He grows up to be the author, moved by the wonders of the world, delighted by the magic of words, and filled with love for his parents and family. Vocal range: Good singer (C4 to C5)
[MARY FOLLET]: Female, early 30s, a radiant and beautiful woman. A person of deep faith agitated and troubled by her husband’s agnosticism. She is suffering inside because a gulf seems to have opened up between them. She will face the most profound and heart-breaking crisis of her life. Her husband’s accidental death also produces a crisis of faith in her and a wrenching hysteria. She is pregnant with her second child, a loving and attentive wife as well as a patient and caring mother. She believes in Heaven and Hell. They both make her nervous. She thinks Charlie Chaplin is a “horrid little man.” Her emotions are close to the surface. She grows, learns and finally becomes a person of courage and sagacity. Vocal range: Very strong singer. Beautiful, dramatic, lyrical mezzo with both mix and some belt (G3 to D5)
[AUNT HANNAH LYNCH]: Female, 50s, bespectacled unmarried music teacher, her “personal tastes were almost as frugal as her needs.” She is droll and dead-pan, a woman who never needs to make a list when she goes shopping, she “prepares her mind and disposition for it as carefully as she dressed for it.” She does not allow either flurry or dawdling. When the terrible crisis crashes down on her family, she is calm, level-headed and accepting. She loves her devout niece, Mary, and while she probably admires her for her faith she has great wisdom and advises acceptance of mystery before dogma. Vocal range Very strong singer. Mezzo (G3 to B5)
[ANDREW LYNCH]: Male, late 20s, actor/musician. A young artist, he lives with his parents and is devoted to his sister Mary. But like his brother-in-law Jay, he has no use for religious orthodoxy, hates the hypocrisy of the church and her priests, and is moved by the poetry of the natural world. He is a proud young atheist who sees evidence of meaning in beauty itself: the beauty of a human body, a spring evening or a butterfly. He is very fond of his nephew, Rufus, and becomes his mentor during the terrible crisis that befalls the family. His special talent is portrait painting. He is the messenger of death. Vocal range: Very strong singer. Tenor or Baritone (with flexible top) (A3 to F4)
[RALPH FOLETT]: Male, 30s, actor/musician —- An alcoholic, undertaker, loud-mouth, , he explodes in a boozed-up rage because his older brother’s body is taken to a funeral parlor other than his. He exhibits tremendous self-loathing and, though he is at times very funny, he is ultimately sad and pitiable. He thinks “I ought not to have fathered children. I ought not ever to have been born.” He lives near his parents because he feels if he is close at hand they will see how he loves them and win their approval and their respect. He has a deep streak of cruelty in him, is harsh and bossy to his wife and family, and when he’s drunk even blurts out that he’s glad his more admired and beloved brother is dead. Vocal range: Very good singer; flexible baritone or tenor
[JOEL LYNCH]: Male, 60s, actor/musician. A Knoxville native, proud, educated, reads Shakespeare, and has a philosophical turn of mind. Like his son-in-law Jay he has no use for the smoke and mirrors of organized religion. He cautions his beloved daughter Mary not to use her religion like a hole to crawl into and hide in the wake of this calamity. He dislikes blubbering and theatrical displays of grief. He owns a large home on a beautiful shaded street near downtown. He is formal, dignified, a little intimidating. He has a loving but difficult relationship with his wife. He did not at all approve of his daughter Mary’s choice for a husband. The Follets are farmers and the Lynch family patriarch feels they are beneath him. He is protective of his daughter and always ready to give her advice. Vocal range: Good singer. Baritone.
[CATHERINE LYNCH]: Female, 60s, actor/musician. A gracious and dignified woman who happens to be almost deaf and is very “dim-sighted.” She’s always “smiling fixedly.” She loves her daughter Mary deeply and, though she feels immense sympathy, does not offer any elaborate consolation or advice. She offers the profound comfort of an adoring mother. She sees life’s journeys from a settled distance. Her now dim eyes have seen it all. She has a good memory and a sharp wit. As formidable as her husband may be to others for her he is a person to be tolerated. She loves him but calls his bluff. Vocal range: Good singer. Mezzo/alto.
[SALLY FOLLET]: Female, 30s, actor/musician. A raw-boned wife and mother, bullied and pushed around by her husband, Ralph. She laments not owning a black dress for the funeral even though she lives above a funeral parlor. A farm girl from the hills of Tennessee, she is awkward around her sister-in-law’s family and embarrassed by her husband’s bragging and boozing. She cries easily and under her bundle of nerves has a very tender heart. Vocal range: Good singer. Soprano/mezzo soprano.
[JESSIE FOLLET]: Female, 60s, actor/musician. Jay and Ralph’s mother. She is stoic and darkly quiet at her son’s funeral. Her husband is dying and she is weary with care and exhausted from taking care of him in their farm house a considerable distance away. There is eloquence and endurance in her silence. Vocal range: Good singer. Soprano/mezzo soprano.
[WITNESS/FATHER JACKSON]: Male, 40-60, singer and musician, plays both the witness to Jay’s deadly accident and an unctuous, balding, Catholic priest. Vocal range: Strong singer. Tenor or high baritone.

Music and Lyrics by Lewis Flinn
Book by Douglas Carter Beane
Directed by Mark Brokaw
First Rehearsal: 3/31/20
First Preview: 5/7/20
Closing: 5/31/20
[ROBIN/ROBERT/YOUNG ROBERT] – Male, 20s-30s. Pop-rock bari-tenor. Any Ethnicity.
[MARIAN/YOUNG MARIAN]:Female, 20s-30s. Any Ethnicity.
[LADY ANNE/BUTCHER]: Female, 20s-30s. Any Ethnicity.
[LADY JANE ]: Male, 30s-40s. Any Ethnicity.
[SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM/COOPER]- Male, 30s-40s. Any Ethnicity.
[MEG/COOPER’S WIFE]: Female, 30s-40s. Any Ethnicity.
[MUCH/CRANK]: Female, 20s-30s. Any Ethnicity.
[ALAN A’DALE/BAKER] - Male, 20s-30s. Tenor, must play guitar. Any Ethnicity.
[GEOFFREY]: Female, 20s-30s. Any Ethnicity.
[FRIAR TUCK/EARL OF HUNTINGTON]: Male, 40s-50s. Any Ethnicity.

COOK Theatre (LORT D):

Director TBA
First Rehearsal: 2/11/20
First Preview: 3/17/20
Closing: 4/12/20
[MANFORD]: Male, 17, Chinese-American. Intense, scrappy, runs into trouble, attacks the rim, with a ruthless crossover. Not tall. More Allen Iverson than Jeremy Lin.
[CONNIE]: Female, 25, Chinese-American. Manford's cousin and UC Berkeley Grad Student. Level-headed, big picture. A Chris Paul/Klay Thompson type.
[WEN CHANG]: Male. 43, Chinese, coach of Beijing University's Men's Basketball Team. Observant, efficient. Favors three pointers over aggressive inside shots. Tim Duncan would appreciate his energy. His English is formal, but relatively unaccented.
[SAUL]: Male, 52, Jewish, coach of University of San Francisco's Men's Basketball Team. A shit-talking, shotblocking, washed up Larry Bird.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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