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ARMS AND THE MAN - Showcase Auditions

Posted: July 29, 2013

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ARMS AND THE MAN - Submit for NY Appointment

Standard Bear Productions, LLC|New York, NY

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email submissions asap to: Salvatore Brienik, Director
If given an appointment, prepare a one-minute monologue (Shaw or similarly elevated language) and be prepared to cold read from the play

$125 Stipend provided

Equity and non-Equity actors, men and women

see breakdown

NYC auditions to be held August 15 and 16, 5pm to 7pm each night, by appointment only.

Other Dates
1st reh: 8/28/13. Scheduled opening: 10/2/13. Scheduled closing: 10/13/13
at the Secret Theatre, Long Island City, NY

Director: Salvatore Brienik


Catherine Petkoff: (35-50’s)
Described as “a woman over forty, imperiously energetic…who might be a very splendid specimen of the wife of a mountain farmer, but is determined to be to a Viennese lady.” A strong presence, not afraid to offer “guidance” to those around her, highly protective of the status she has achieved.

Major Paul Petkoff: (35-50’s)
Described as “cheerful, excitable, insignificant, unpolished man of about 50, naturally unambitious except as to his income and his importance…as a man of consequence in his town.” A jovial family man, unassuming, and a touch naïve. Beard (or ability to grow one) preferred.

Major Sergius Saranoff*: (25-40’s)
Described as a “romantically handsome man, with the physical hardihood, the high spirit, and the susceptible imagination of an untamed mountain chieftain……he has acquired the half tragic, half ironic air, the mysterious moodiness, the suggestion of a strange and terrible history that has left nothing but undying remorse…” A soldier, simultaneously aware of idealism’s ironies and a helpless slave to them (at least in public). Mustache (or ability to grow one) preferred. All races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

Nicola* (30’s-40’s):
Described as “a middle-aged man of cool temperament and a low but clear and keen intelligence, with the complacency of the servant who values himself on his rank in servitude, and the imperturbability of the accurate calculator who has no illusions.” Acutely aware of everything going on around him, knows exactly what side to take and when to take it. All races and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

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