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Posted: June 10, 2014

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Stage One | Louisville, KY

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Zan Sawyer Dailey

ATT: Casting/Clay

316 W. Main St. Louisville KY 40202





African-American and White Actors with excellent stage combat/ boxing skills.

Other Dates

Workshop in Louisville: 8/13 to 817;
1st reh:12/27/14; Previews: 1/17/15;
Run: 1/19/15 - 2/14/15


Director: Andrew Harris; Playwright: Idris Goodwin; Drew Fracher: Fight Director; Casting: Zan Sawyer Dailey; Producing Artistic Director: Peter Halloway


Deadline for submission: 12 PM June 13,



Cassius Clay Jr. – African American male, 20s, ideally 6’ to 6”3”; actor with exceptional physical skills, especially stage combat/ hand-to-hand and or boxing skills, Muhammad Ali is 18 at the start of the play but recalls life as a young kid who starts boxing at age 12; charismatic and confident, with a buoyant, positive presence; with range to play the essence of a young child as well as a world champion, not interested in an imitation of Muhammad Ali but the quality of his signature movement and vocal patterns is essential, prefer actor who has medium skin tone

Eddie – African American male, 20’s; Clay’s best friend, as a youth of 12 he is strong-willed, calls Clay out for always boasting, by 18 he has become active in the civil rights movement and strongly influences Clay’s own relationship to civil rights, peace and justice; he represents a variety of the dynamic young men who grew up with Clay, will double into other ensemble roles

Joe Martin - White male, late 30’s: a Louisville police offer who took an intense interest in Louisville’s youth and the community centers where they could train, he took Clay under his wing, started his training and connected him with Fred Stoner who ultimately trained him for the Olympics; character is blue-collar working class, a little rough, a wiry man, not necessarily an athlete himself, has a huge heart, open and generous; plays the Mayor of Louisville and other ensemble roles

Cassius Clay Sr. African American male, late 30-early 40/ Clay Sr. is an super-supportive father who deeply loves and believes in his son, recognizes that he is truly special and inspires him to greatness, intelligence, working class, great sense of humor, in good physical shape, tall and thin with a slight edge, also plays Fred Stoner (boxing trainer), Sugar Ray Robinson (flashy middle-weight champ and a hero to Cassius): prefer a dark skin-toned actor

Odessa Clay: African American Female, mid-late 30: Cassius’ mother is a deeply spiritual woman, a leader in the Baptist community, she is very proud of her children, she is warm- hearted with a generous sense of humor and strength, prefer a light skin-toned actress/ also plays multiple roles

Corky Baker: African American male 20’s-30’s actor-combatant/character actor to play the neighborhood bully and other small roles, Corky challenges Clay and it is this confrontation that gives Clay the vision of what he can become; needs a tall and sizeable actor,

White male ; 20’s-30’s actor-combatant/character actor to play Zbigniew Pietrzykowski (the Polish Boxer whom Clay fight’s in the Olympic Gold Medal match), Diner Manager, Diner bully and other small roles; the essential element is an actor with genuine boxing skills in excellent physical condition

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