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AMERICAN CONSERVATORY THEATRE 2013-14 SEASON - American Conservatory Theatre Auditions

Posted: April 15, 2013

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American Conservatory Theatre Photo/Resume Request

American Conservatory Theater & Berkeley Repertory Theatre|SF & Berkeley, CA

Send To
Ariel Craft
30 Grant Avenue
6th Floor
San Francisco CA94108


LORT Non-Rep
LORT A minimum is $882.30

See Breakdown.

Other Dates
See Breakdown.

American Conservatory Theatre Casting Director: Janet Foster
Berkeley Repertory Theatre Casting Director: Amy Potozkin


This is a combined call with Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

SHOW #1:
1st Reh: 8/19, 1st Prev. 9/11, Opening 9/22, Closing 10/6, Possible Extension through 10/20
Music & lyrics by Sherman Edwards, Book by Peter Stone
Directed by Frank Galati
Robert Livingston (NY)
Samuel Chase (MD)
George Read (DE)
Stephen Hopkins (RI)
Caesar Rodney (DE)
Richard Henry Lee (VA)
Dr. Josiah Bartlett (NH)
Roger Sherman (CT)
Lewis Morris (NY)
Joseph Hewes (NC)
Charles Thomson (Sec)
Dr. Lyman Hall (GA)
Rev. John Witherspoon (NJ)
Leather Apron

SHOW #2:
1st Reh. 10/7, 1st Prev. 10/30, Opening 11/6, Closing 11/24
Underneath the Lintel
by Glen Berger
Directed by Carey Perloff
The Librarian - CAST

SHOW #3:
1st Reh. 11/9, 1st Prev. 12/4, opening 12/10, closing 12/28
A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens & adapted by Carey Perloff and Paul Walsh
Directed by Domenique Lozano
Jacob Marley - Male, 50's or 60's. The tortured ghost of Scrooge's business partner.
Mr. Cratchit: Male, 30's to 40's. A good-natured family man and Scrooge's long suffering employee.
Fezziwig Dancer, etc: Ensemble member

1st Reh.: 12/9, 1st Prev 1/8, Opening 1/15, Closing 2/2
Co-Production with Theatre Calgary – In Canada 2/6 through 3/9
Major Barbara
by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Dennis Garnhum
Barbara Undershaft: 20's; Do gooder daughter of British industrialist.
Sarah Undershaft: 20's. Unambitious pampered daughter of British industrialist.
Jenny Hill - late teens, 20's. Gentle nun working in the slums of London.
Charles Lomax - late 20's to mid 20's. A London Swell.
Rummy Mitchens - middle-aged woman fallen on hard times. Lower class London.
Mrs. Baines: middle aged woman. A Salvation Army Commisioner.

SHOW #5:
1st Reh.: 1/13, 1st Prev 2/12, Opening 2/19, Closing 3/9
by Eduardo De Filippo, translated by Linda Alper and Beatrice Basso
Directed by Mark Rucker
Riccardo Settebelize
Peppe "The Jack"
Ricardo Spasiano
Donna Peppenella
Wine Man

Show #6
1st Reh.: 2/24, 1st Prev 3/19, Opening 3/26, Closing 4/20
Venus in Fur
by David Ives
Vanda - 20's - 30's; actress
Thomas - 30's - 40's ; writer
Show #7 – TBA
Show #8
1st Reh.: 5/5, 1st Prev 6/4, Opening 6/11, Closing 6/29
The Orphan of Zhao
adapted by James Fenton
Directed by Carey Perloff
The Emperor/Ballad Singer
Tu'an Gu
Young Zhao (Cheng Bo)
The Princess
Chen Ying (CAST)
Dr. Chen Ying's Wife
Gongsun Chujiu
Han Jue/Ti Miming
Chu Ni
Zhao Dun
Wei Jiang
Ghost of Dr. Chen Ying’s Son

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