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ALL FOR JOE - IMP Digital Studios Auditions

Posted: June 4, 2015

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ALL FOR JOE - OPEN Auditions (AEA/Non-AEA)

IMP Digital Studios | Paramus, NJ

Date of Audition:

Call Type
Non-Required Principal

OPEN Auditions (Equity / Non-Equity)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
11 AM to 4 PM

Basic Showcase Code; $250 total stipend

Ripley-Grier 520 (

Everyone must show
government photo ID to enter building.)
520 8th Ave. (36th/37th)
New York, NY
Room 16m

Equity and non-Equity actors who sing for various roles.

see breakdown.

Prepare 16 - 32 bars of a contemporary song.

Bring picture and resume.

Other Dates
First rehearsal June 24. One performance July 16

· A monitor will

not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.
Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



Joe: mid-late 40s; a successful but overworked business and family man who has reached a point in his life where he wants to “retire” to follow his passion - music. Joe went straight to work after high school; never went to college. Tenor. Must be able to sing Ab4.

Lauren: early 40s; Joe’s wife. Lauren is a young looking 40ish woman; very pretty with perfect blonde hair; fit and petite; dresses young for her age; but not tacky. Lauren loves the finer things in life. Mezzo-soprano. Must move well

Ariela: 17 – 18; Joe and Lauren’s daughter. Beautiful and sweet – and filled with
typical teenage angst and rebellion. Mezzo –alto. Must move well.

Danny: 15-16; Joe and Lauren’s son, Ariela’s younger brother. Danny is shorter than the rest of the kids in their group; Very handsome young man with a big charming personality. Tenor to high B (C in falsetto). Must move well.

Gab: 17-18; best friend of Ariela; Gab likes boys “a lot”! Mezzo-soprano. Must move well.

Laney and Lisa: 17 – 18 female; friends of Ariela. Mezzo/Alto. Must move well.

Jake: 15 – 16, good friends with Danny; confident, flamboyant. Lyric baritone. Must move well;

Alex: 17-18; Ariela’s crush; Alex is tormented by his confusion of sexuality.. Tall and handsome with an athletic build. Baritone. Must move well.

Ricky Jr.: 17 - 18; A classmate of Ariela’s. Comes from a rich, dysfunctional family, has a chip on his shoulder toward his mother, and is antagonistic to Danny. Baritone. Must move well.

Marie: early-mid 40s; looks a little more “aged” than the other women. Single mom; never married. She is living with a secret and resentful of her mistakes that ruined her dreams of medical school. Contralto. Must move well.

Leslie: early-mid 40s; She a friend of Lauren’s from high school days; mother of Gab; has been through a couple of rough relationships . Mezzo-soprano or soprano. Must move well.

Katie: early-mid 40s; friend of Lauren; same graduating class; has crush on Joe; Mother of Laney. Soprano. Must move well. Must move well. (Also plays Nurse)

Allison: early-mid 40s; Friend of Lauren’s from high school; Owns a jewelry shop with her husband, Michael. They have 3 sons. (Mezzo-soprano or Soprano) Must move well.

Michael: mid 40s; married family guy with the” perfect nuclear” family; Married to Allison; Owns Michalli’s Jewelry Store; has three sons. (Also plays Sal: member of “The Chimes” and the town barber; in his 70’s) Bass or Baritone.

Ralphie Maxwell: mid 40s; Was the “nerdy” kid in high school; now grown into very wealthy and successful business man. (Also plays Greg: member of “The Chimes”; in his 70’s) Tenor.

Grandpa (Gene): early 70s; Lauren’s father and Ariela and Danny’s grandfather. Leader of the “Doo Wop” band called “The Chimes”; hangs out with his band at the local barbershop; Has an “Elvis” hairdo obviously dyed; Grandpa lost his wife, Elaine, a few years ago and still misses her terribly; Tenor; Must be able to sing an E5.

Dr. Rubenstein: early-mid 50s; Doctor in the Emergency Department of Hackensack Medical Center; hangs out at one of the clubs that “The Chimes” play at; is known to be a heavy drinker. (Also plays Charlie: member of “The Chimes”; in his 70s).

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