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BWW Review: CHICAGO at Fisher Theatre is Sensational! 10 Reasons Why You Should See It Before It Razzle Dazzles Away!

BWW Review: CHICAGO at Fisher Theatre is Sensational! 10 Reasons Why You Should See It Before It Razzle Dazzles Away!
Photo Credit: Catherine Ashmore

Chicago is in currently at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. The razzle dazzle of the late 1920s is captivating audiences telling the story of Roxie Hart, housewife and nightclub dancer, who maliciously murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to walk out on her. Desperate to avoid conviction, she tricks the public, the media, and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by hiring Chicago's slickest criminal lawyer, Billy Flynn, to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational headlines. The show has been running on Broadway for over 20 years and here are ten reasons why you should see Chicago before it leaves Detroit!

1) Dylis Croman in the role of Roxie Hart. Croman shines in the role and is absolutely fantastic. Her namesake song, "Roxie," is an exceptional number, but any number she is singing and dancing in is absolutely wonderful. She is ball of light on stage that you cannot help but be drawn to and even though Roxie does a lot of questionable things in her life, she makes the audience truly feel for her.

2) Paul Vogt in the role of Amos Hart. "Mr. Cellophane" is one of the best numbers in the show - the audience sees you, Paul Vogt, and we hear you, and it's beautiful. Paul Vogt is one of the best parts, if not the best part, of the entire production. The little things that he does as Amos Hart add so much to the show that if he was not in it, it would feel like something was missing. It is worth it just to see him.

3) D. Ratell in role of Mary Sunshine. Ratell is, also, one of the best parts of the entire production and, like Paul Vogt, it is worth seeing this production of Chicago, just to experience the performance. Ratell absolutely owns the role of Mary Sunshine and gives it 110% from the moment Ms. Sunshine is introduced to the big reveal in Act 2. While Ratell has wonderful acting ability and comedic timing, the best part is Ratell's pure singing voice - it is gorgeous. During "A Little Bit of Good," Mary Sunshine's number, Ratell's voice is strong and stunning, filling the entire theatre; making it a wonderful, unexpected number to marvel at and enjoy from the show.

4) Terra C. MacLeod in the role of Velma Kelly. MacLeod is feisty in the role of Velma. Like Croman's Roxie, she makes the audience feel for Velma even though she has done questionable things in her life. It is really entertaining to watch MacLeod dance and sing, especially numbers when she is really dancing a lot like in "I Can't Do It Alone" and "When Velma Takes the Stand" - she absolutely excels.

5) Jennifer Fouché in the role of Matron "Mama" Morton. If you look what the description of who Matron "Mama" Morton is supposed to be like, it would say Jennifer Fouché. She is just the epitome of the character.

6) Matthew Winnegge in the role of The Jury. He performs this role once throughout the show, but it is memorable. Winnegge does it well, with ease, and immense amount of humor - really bringing the "entire" jury to life.

7) The entire company. They are one of the hardest working companies that you will see on stage. Their movements are so precise in every dance number - they have to be with the Fosse choreography. They work exceptionally well as a team. You can tell they are having fun and loving it on the stage, which just makes Chicago that much more enjoyable to experience.

8) The Fosse choreography. No more explanation should be needed, but if you are not a musical theatre fan or a dance aficionado, Bob Fosse had a special type of choreography that he was known for. Chicago is one shows that is the greatest example of his choreography and the number, "Hot Honey Rag," is actually all his original choreography, while the rest of the show is choreographed by Ann Reinking in his style.

9) The music. You can't go wrong with the musical of Chicago. Some of it is well known songs like "Cell Block Tango," and "All That Jazz." There are a lot of other songs as well that any type of person will like such as "We Both Reached for the Gun," "My Own Best Friend," and "Nowadays." It's music that you will be tapping your toes to during the show and it will be stuck in your head long after!

BWW Review: CHICAGO at Fisher Theatre is Sensational! 10 Reasons Why You Should See It Before It Razzle Dazzles Away!
Photo Credit: Steven & Chad, The Gingerb3ardmen

10) Todrick Hall in the role of Billy Flynn. Detroit has an extra special treat of Hall performing as Billy Flynn and what an experience that was to take in. It is easy to see that there is one place, and only place, that Todrick Hall belongs: the stage. He stepped right back into the role of Billy Flynn with ease, grace, and it looked good on him. Hall is a fantastic performer that can sing, dance, and act and it is a truly fun time to watch him on stage. One of the best moments with Hall had to be "We Both Reached for the Gun" because the audience truly saw all of his triple threat potential with singing, dancing, and acting at once on stage - and he did it absolutely brilliantly. (*Please note Todrick Hall will appear as Billy Flynn October through 20th only. Billy Flynn will be played by Peter Lockyer on Sunday, October 21st.*)

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