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BWW Blog: Thank You Grandma

BWW Blog: Thank You Grandma

Often times people reflect on those who helped inspired them. The people who helped shaped that way they are today. This school year I've done plenty of hands on crafts with my classes, which made me reminisce about how my grandmother was the jack of all trades. She's the reason why I'm where I am today. And I can't thank her enough. There wasn't a craft she didn't know how to do. She painted, knitted, sewed, made pottery, you name it, she could do it. If she didn't know how to do a craft, she would find time to learn and perfect it. There wasn't a day that passed by where she wasn't working on a project.

It's her hard-working and dedication that I strive to achieve with every project and production.

At age seven, I was sewing my first quilt with her, and then we did another quilt a couple years later. I thought of her constantly when I was in my costuming class, knowing full well she was right there with me. She is the inspiration behind my projects I do in my classes.

With my brothers and I actively in band and theatre, there was never a performance she missed, if she could help it. Next to my parents, she was our biggest supporter. Those performances would be the thing she looked forwarded to the most.

Growing up, she would always tell me stories about how her and her friends would get all dressed up and go to the theatres down in Detroit. Those were some of her favorite memories. Now I'm in productions with my university in Detroit. I see her in every show I am apart of.

She may not be in the audience, but I know she's looking down smiling.

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