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Steel Magnolias at OpenStage Theatre


1/19/2019 - 2/16/2019


OpenStage Theatre

400 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Fort Collins,CO 80521
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Phone: (970) 484-5237

Steel Magnolias in Denver

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By Robert Harling | Directed by Debbie Swann | Jan. 19- Feb. 16The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. Clairee in Steel MagnoliasHoney. Its the 1980s. And hairspray is flying at Truvys beauty shop where the motto is, There is no such thing as natural beauty. Over the buzz of blow dryers, six southern spitfires gather each week to gossip and support each other through thick and thin. From weddings to divorces and from babies to funerals, they weather every event in their lives together with grace, determination, and perfectly coiffed hair. Infused with heart and humor, Steel Magnolias is a touching story of love, loss, and enduring friendship.Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre, 417 West Magnolia Street

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