PLOP! A new musical

PLOP! A new musical#1
Posted: 2/24/12 at 9:32am
So I'm pretty excited.

One of my all time favorite musical writer/composers, Damon Intrabartolo (who wrote bare: a pop opera) is teaming up again with one of my favorite directors, Anthony J. Cantalupo (who directed the first, and best, in my opinion, production of bare since the rights were released) to bring a new show to Orlando. The show is called PLOP, and it's about the rise and fall of pop music. I don't have too much information on it, but I'm so excited that I wanted to start spreading the word!

People better keed a look out, because this one is gonna be epic!

PLOP's official site
Updated On: 2/24/12 at 09:32 AM